Posted by: illinigirl | August 30, 2009

“To whom much is given, much is expected.”

A quote from President Kenne dy. . .  (but paraphrased from the Gospel of Luke–and grammatically incorrect, but catchy). . . but also something the Kennedy children heard often.

You know, the Kenne dy’s weren’t perfect. . . but I really admire them.  To have so many family members as social servants is really significant. . . and it’s not like they simply threw money at things to have buildings named after them. . . they helped segments of society who are often overlooked, such as the mentally and physically handicapped.

I was talking about this with Mom, and she relayed a conversation with her and Dad about how they had the luxury of doing this due to having so much wealth.  This is true.  If we were all independently wealthy, the things we could do would be endless! . . . BUT would we do it?  There are plenty of wealthy people who may donate money and such. . . but they work in jobs to continue to gain more money. . .  Many of the Kennedy’s have been involved in politics and charity organizations. . . where there is little (if any financial gain to be had).  They made a choice to do something different.  Many of their heirs continue to make this choice.  Here’s a link to a website that talks about some of the legislation they helped to pass and and charities they are responsible for founding. . .

While Ted may have had some skeletons in his closet, I am sad to lose another public servant. . . At least he had an opportunity to live out his life to an older age. . .

I saw this over the weekend, and thought it was really inspirational.  His eulogy speech at Bobby’s funeral.  (As a sidenote, how anyone can give a eulogy is beyond me. . . those people certainly have gifts because I go to a lot of funerals of co-workers and get emotional when I *don’t even know the person* who passed away. . . )



  1. i respect them too. even if i don’t agree w/ all of their policies, the things they have done is pretty amazing. especially eunice starting the special olympics.

  2. are pretty amazing.

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