Posted by: illinigirl | August 27, 2009


I am not trying to make her cry or anything. . . BUT I would be remiss tonight to discuss how lucky I am to have a sister.

YES, we fight sometimes.  It is INEVITABLE that we will do so if we are together more than a few days.  This is mostly because we can be so super-honest with each other, and yes. . . the truth can be annoying. . . and we can both be annoying.  Such is life with any sibling.

My sister is my biggest cheerleader.  We truly want the best for each other.  I think she wants me to find love more than I want it for myself!  Despite the fact that I can be somewhat selfish, I have *generally* not been that way with her.  I would trade some of my happiness to give her some. . . I can think of examples of doing this from when I was very young.  That’s just part of being an older sibling though, I think. . . so many of you understand that.

I was feeling so crappy last night and all day. . . after talking to her, I felt SO MUCH BETTER. . . it was like a weight off my shoulders.

Thank you, Sister for helping me be able to sleep tonight.

P.S.–Shoutout to Liz M. who had to listen and also helped me.  You helped me feel like I’m not crazy!

watching tv



  1. so sweet…and what a cute picture!!

    hope tomorrow is better hannah…it has to be, right? it’s friday 🙂

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