Posted by: illinigirl | August 20, 2009

Back to School

I LOVE hearing old songs that take me back. . . Who doesn’t?

Last weekend I heard “Three Marlenas”. . . I LOVE this song. . .

This song reminds me of studying with my college study buddy, Luke (referenced in this post). . .

Our first two years of college, we tended to go to the Engineering library, Grainger, to study.  Grainger was where I went whenever I needed to HARDCORE study.  Very few distractions, no talking.. .   I love the cubbies on the balcony overlooking the big beautiful rooms.  Look at these pictures. . . there was a green room and a pink room. . .

Luke and I always went to the 4th floor, where talking was allowed. . . so we could go through our *fun* (usually accounting, but also finance, econ, etc. homework). . . Luke would always set rules like “Okay, if we work for 30 minutes, we can take a break and talk for a few minutes.”. . . Seriously, I think I would have failed out of school without having him to force me to study this way.  Our strengths and weaknesses matched up very well.  If there was something I didn’t understand, he usually “got it”. . . and vice versa.  Usually, Luke’s buddies Rhett or Doug would go, but they would always sit somewhere away from our distracting chatter or balance sheets and such. . . (Nicole, remember Rhett from Stu Co???)

Well, at some point sophomore year, Luke and I started to go to Hardees. . . this was where all the kids studying for the CPA exam, including Luke’s cousin, would go to study.  It was great because I could eat fries while I studied.  🙂  What’s better than that?

They played two songs on the terrible Hardees playlist that Luke and I liked, and we would usually have to take a break during these songs. . . “Three Marlenas” and “Hero”. . . NO, not Mariah’s Hero!!!

My favorite memories studying with Luke were when my roommate, Jess (who really didn’t meet him for over one year because we never hung out other than studying), emailed Luke to devise a plan to get me out of the dorm the night before my birthday.  We did have some stuff to study. . . but MAN, we spent SO MUCH TIME STUDYING.  It was excessive.  I was wondering why the heck Luke was belaboring this stuff so much.  Well, bless his heart, Luke was STALLING so my buddies would have plenty of time to chalk my entire walk to work, along with HILARIOUS pictures and sayings. . . (This is probably one of the greatest things anyone has ever done for me.  I was laughing so hard on my walk the next morning, I was crying. . . and just when I thought I saw everything, I was waiting for class at Foellenger the next morning, and noticed a HUGE message in front that I had not seen!)  🙂  Luke was such a good sport to be on the distraction team!

Also, another time Luke and I were suppose to study. . . I just didn’t understand it.  We didn’t really have *anything* to study. . . so I didn’t understand why he wanted to study.  Well, he came over and pulled out a book. . . and then said, “I don’t really have anything to study. . . I’m just having a bad night and need someone to listen.”  He was equally great at listening when I had a bad night and talking through the ups and downs of college love. . .

Ah, college. . . while studying was NOT an aspect I miss, I was truly lucky to have such a great friend to cheer me along. . . Kudos to Luke!



  1. aw, what fun memories! you make studying sound fun!

    of course i remember rhett and luke 🙂

  2. For some dumb reason, “Tubthumping” by Chumbawumba always brings me back to college. Not to studying, but to house parties in the basements of ISU.

    I drink a whiskey drink, I drink a vodka drink, I drink a cider drink, I drink a lager drink…

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