Posted by: illinigirl | August 9, 2009

I’ve had enough so-so for the rest of my life

Saw George Strait this weekend. . . and three people opened for him.  SUCH a great night.

I am not sure how much I need to discuss George.  He’s just amazing.  A great man, a classic, and known as “King George” in Texas. . . and rightfully so.  He’s a great example of a nice guy would finished first.  He doesn’t play all that often anymore so it’s a huge thing to get to see him.  I kept saying during the concert. . . “HE’S SO CUTE!”. . . and my friend Katie kept reminding me that he’s our parents’ age.  Okay, he’s not cute *like that*. . . just so sweet, and he smiles all the time, and it melts me!  He’s not showy. . . just honest, doesn’t talk much. . . and just sticks to singin’.

What were my favorite songs that he sang. . . “I Can Still Make Cheyenne”, “The Chair” (duh), and a cover of “Folsom Prison Blues”. . . of course, when a guy has 57 number ones (may be more now?). . . You are going to walk away wishing he played 190709173097109782301974398071043 more songs. . . but that’s the breaks of being at an awesome concert,  huh?  🙂

One of the openers for George was Sugarland.  Flipping awesome.  The lead singer, Jennifer, rocks the world.  AMAZING voice, great energy, and just cute as all-get-out.

I forgot how many of their songs I love!

The one that brought the house down was this one.  I was actually shocked because of allllll the concerts I have been to, the singing along with her was some of the loudest I’ve ever heard.  I guess people relate to those cheatin’ songs. . . Plus, here voice was just so good.

This one is on my running mix for when I’m warming up. . . It’s one of my life theme songs.  Yes, I recognize it’s cheesy. . . get over it.  😉

Another one I like if you are interested. . . They are all fun to sing.

Download away!

They also covered Pearl Jam. . . LOVED IT.  Very unexpected.  She also sang some Madonna, which was super cool.

I’m gearing up for a fairly craptastic week so you may not see much of me. . . catch ya on the flipside.  🙂



  1. i LOVE sugarland…have all their music, listen all the time. i saw them in concert several years ago (when they were still three) and they rocked then…so jealous of you AND my sis, who saw them last week, too! i love all the songs you picked, and i also love “small town jericho” and i’m not sure i’ll ever be able to listen to it without crying.

    hope your week is better than you think it will be!

  2. you went to a GREAT concert. i love george and sugarland. amarillo by morning and you look so good in love are probably still my favs (but there are so many good ones to pick from).

  3. i have several things to discuss regarding sugarland.

    first, remember when there were three of them, the third being a creepy lesbianish, slightly overweight guitar player? what ever happened to her?

    second, jk HATES the guitar dude. he thinks that dude is a major creepster lurker weirdo. did you find this to be the case in a live situation or do you find him not creepster lurker weirdo-ey? i trust your judgement based on years of encounters with such types.

    third, remember when jennifer used to eat, but now i guess she doesnt? EAT SOMETHING already.

    finally, i wanted to use “babygirl” as my wedding dance with my stepdad, but i was too nervous about him two-stepping! but it would have been cute!

    p.s. i love sugarland despite my husband’s fear of creepster guitar players.

  4. The dude doesn’t do much for me. Eh, I could take him or leave him. I was not close enough to determine the creepiness live. Jess asked me yesterday what he did. . . I said that he basically think he sings bon jovi’s part in that one song.

    I don’t remember the 3rd person??? weird.

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