Posted by: illinigirl | July 31, 2009

Let me introduce someone. . .

A new addition to my blogroll. . .

MY COUSIN BRENDA’S BLOG. . . The life of a St. Loser.

You may be asking, why should I read your cousin’s blog???

A) She is my cousin, and this means she’s automatically cool.

B) She is hilarious.

C) Because I said so.

P.S.–If you don’t have google reader, for goodness sakes. . . GET IT.  Nicole once said that it’s life changing. . . it absolutely is.  I am still amazed that I only get 4-5 google reader hits/day and all the rest are from clicking on blog rolls, comments, and other links.  It’s so hard to stay abreast of late breaking news this way, people!!!  🙂

In other news. . . MY SISTER is back from the blog dead.  She is going to try to do at least one post a week, so add her to your google reader kiddos.  She is my sister, and therefore (again) cool by association. . . or something.

I LOVE the pictures in her most recent entry. . . check it!  🙂

A picture with three of us. . . you may ask. . . why does this picture suck so badly?  Well, that’s because our last names are on the fronts of our shirts, and I don’t want it posted here.  I decided to crappily edit this by putting our names in. . . yet I am exhausted and have had two giant beers so I didn’t take much care in doing so. . . nonetheless, we are a LOVELY group!



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