Posted by: illinigirl | July 27, 2009

One of my favorite things. . .

Okay, folks. . . for reasons I’d care not to disclose, I’ve had a bad night!  It’s not all that bad. . . but I’m exhausted and feeling quite dead, understandably so. . . so no D.C. post.  I started, but I’m so tired and cannot stay up another hour to do it.

In honor of one of my favorite movies that was on last night (Goonies, which maybe I’ll write about some other night). . . I’m doing to do a post on my #1 fav childhood movie. . .

The Sound of Music

I basically know every word of this movie.  This movie probably made me love Austria that much more. . . and probably inspired me to study German in high school.  I had the CD soundtrack to this movie, and some jerk stole it.  (I couldn’t have lost it.  I’m quite sure someone stole it because. . . who wouldn’t want to take “The Sound of Music” soundtrack if you stumbled across it somewhere???)

(Love this song for many reasons, one of those being that this was the melody to a blessing that we sometimes sang before lunch when we were in school–I went to a Catholic school, FYI). .

Bless our friends, bless our food

Come, oh Lord and sit with us

May our talk glow with peace

And your love surround us

Friendship and love, may it bloom and grow

Bloom and grow, forever

Bless our friends, bless our food

Bless our being together

–I cannot give credit for this because I actually cannot find this exact version online, nor can I find credits anywhere . . . Isn’t it sweet though?

My sister and I LOVE Salzburg and have both been there twice (once each with Mom and our German classes. . . and once together by ourselves).  Love, love, love it.  🙂  Here’s is my sis by a “Sound of Music” cow in Salzburg.  We were celebrating with hot chocolate after making it there after a stressful day on the train!


Oh, and here’s a picture of my mom and I splashing in one of the fountains that Maria splashed in during the song “I Have Confidence in Me”.  Yes, it’s the early ninety’s, and I look like a dork.  Get over it.  😉

mom-han in salzburg

Kerri and I went on one of my last New England road trips to the area in Vermont where the Trapp family settled when they came to the U.S.  It’s no Austria, but it’s beautiful, and I can see why they chose Vermont to settle.  (Also, the Ben and Jerry’s factory is there. . . so it’s a great spot to visit!)  🙂

The lodge the family opened

The lodge the family opened

Near the lodge

Near the lodge

Unfortunately, this is where Kerri and I learned that the story of “The Sound of Music” is mostly not true when we read the Trapp family names on one of the plaques. . . the personalities are very incorrect. . . and even the children’s names are not authentic.  For goodness sakes, if you don’t want to have your dreams shattered, do NOT read this. . . but if you are curious (like I was), check this out for more of an explanation. . .

Nevertheless, this story probably sells better than the real one. . . although I can understand why the kids are not pleased with the portrayal of their dad!



  1. i don’t think i should have clicked on that link of the real trapp family story.
    i had always thought that the dad died while climbing the mountains to get away from the nazis. i guess that part turned out better.

  2. Believe it or not, I have NEVER seent The Sound of Music. So I never made the connection between the movie and that blessing we sang. I completely forgot about that song!! Oh, the memories!!

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