Posted by: illinigirl | July 26, 2009

I know most everyone has seen this. . . and some have already posted it.

I am picking my wedding party for my non-existent wedding by whoever will do this stuff.  This should not be a challenge, given my family. . . although, there may need to be alcohol involved. . . and I’m not sure any of my priests would be game for this.  My grandparents would probably leave.  🙂 . . . and so would my dad.  Also, for any remaining people who are getting married and would like me to participate, please set something up like this. . . because this would be a blast.  Queenlizzle, I think you had the perfect friends to pull off such a performance. . . please consider renewing your vows with such a performance.  Thank you.

Okay, but I am posting this from a different angle.  I freaking love this song. . . it’s so fun!  I bought it tonight, but I had extreme guilt over doing so. . . given that the singer is a girlfriend beater, for whom I have no respect.  I’m sorry that I gave him my $1.29. . . I just love the song so much.


I will never buy anything from him again.  I promise.




  1. yeah, my priest is pretty great but i can’t see going along w/ this.
    it’s hilarious though.

  2. your plan for a vow renewal will work out perfectly because i always want to have another wedding.

    i will tell jk to get it set up.


  3. i love the song too but hate the idea that he’ll make money on it…i’m just going to keep listening on youtube 🙂

    i would LOVE to be a part of a wedding party like this!

  4. That was really cool!

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