Posted by: illinigirl | July 16, 2009

No wee-wee

No, this is not a post about wee-wees. . .

Just a quick Italy tidbit (tonight was a volunteer night so only have time for something quick!). . .

In Venice, almost all the corners on the island look like this:

Why? Well, our tour guide told us this was a “no wee-wee” corner.  Think about it. . . small island, easy to get lost and difficult to find a bathroom. . . you really don’t want people peeing near your home because. . . GROSS. . . so these corners are designed so that if a man wee-wees, it will deflect off and hit him. . . THAT’LL TEACH ‘EM!

I think our guide said these had been around since ~1400 or 1500. . . smart!



  1. even still, i don’t think i’d ever want to touch one of those (just in case).
    i wonder if i could install one in my boys’ bathroom?

    • You may be on to something. . . maybe we could install these around the toilets so guys would be more motivated to aim better?

  2. OH MY GOD. this is so badly needed in detroit.

    somehwere i have a blog entry about all the pee spots in detroit.

    i better tell the city council. oh wait..they’re all in jail.

  3. I need a couple of those in my bedroom for when Jamie has had too much to drink!

  4. I thought that’s what the canals were for! No wonder I go so many strange looks.

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