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queen to the lizzle

I met my friend queenlizzle in grad school.  You have met her before, and she recently co-starred in the 4th of July post.  Yes her name is Liz (Elizabeth). . . however, two of my best friends are Liz, and there must be some differentiation.  Plus, queenlizzle is her blogging identity so I’d call her that anyway.

So queenlizzle and I met in grad school.  We discovered that we actually had the same life.

  • We lived in the same dorm in undergrad.
  • We had the same obscure business major.
  • We were obsessive about the Chief.
  • We were from small towns near our school.
  • We had some of the same friends (namely, Emily and Derrek).

You might say, “illini_girl, how in God’s name did you not meet her/befriend her earlier?”  Well, funny you should mention it. . . we were both i-guides together our sophomore year for our dorm, and we probably sat around in a circle stating our names and telling each other something unique about us or something. . . but I don’t remember that.  Eh, it was like two days out of my life, and two flipping exhausting days out of my life.  Oh, also, we sat very close to each other at graduation (seeing as we had the same friends), but I didn’t know her.  She definitely was very familiar-looking to me. . . but nope, didn’t know her.

Well, this was a HUGE error.  I have had some of the most fun and random times with queenlizzle.  I will just go into *a few* stories. . . some of these may have been divulged in another entry, but I can’t remember. . .

While I have a gazillion random stories about Liz. . . my favorite memories are from New York.

Liz had an internship in New York one summer and lived in Manhattan.  Super-cool, right?  I went to see her at the end of the summer. . . and went to an amazing bar called the Village Idiot (now dead–see a tribute site here. . . you’ll see why I like it, as it’s described as having the charm of an Illinois truck stop.).  A bar that was so crappy, and wonderful, had a great country jukebox, had CHEAP pitchers (love the first review here, too. . . he knows my qualities in a bar.  I should probably marry this guy.), had slutty but fun and friendly waitresses who did free shots with us all night and gave us money for the jukebox, and oooooh had some interesting people.  Here are just a few of the random memories we have there (and yes, I think both times we were in NYC together, we went there two nights). . .

We met a guy who worked as a sound guy for “The Real World”. . . he had some interesting stories. . . wish I could remember them.  I think he was there for the Hawaii one with the Colin and Amaya?  I don’t know.

We encountered a really drunk old guy trying to fix the jukebox.  He would just stand there staring and then lean for a long time with the door open.  We were VERY upset about this because this wasted precious jukebox time.

We met some guys who were scary and asked us 5,000 questions.  I told them I was a receptionist for an insurance company, and one guy said I looked like Ally Mc Beal and had “a good face for a receptionist job”. . . jigga WHAT?  Liz told them that she was a products tester for Origins.  They wanted to take us for a walk in Central Park.  Liz says, “Oh, that’s nice.  Do you know what happens in Central Park after dark?  RAPE.  No thanks.”

The German guy bought us shots at the end of the night, and kept trying to talk to me. . . but it was the end of the night, after many shots and beers.  I was not in the most attentive state, and I was oblivious to this.  Liz took a picture of him, and we disovered when the film was developed (yes, pre-digital era) he was gorgeous.  Fail.

One night, the women’s bathroom was full with a long line, and I REALLY had to go. . . so I said something to the bouncer, and he closed the men’s restroom and stood guard outside for Liz and I.  (This was the *only* downfall of this bar. . . One women’s toilet?)  Seriously.

Liz and I in the mens bathroom  :)

Liz and I in the men's bathroom at the Village Idiot 🙂

One night, we met some rawk n’ rollahs (say it with a Boston accent, please).  We were sitting with these guys from Boston. . . and in walks these guys who looked like they were swept out of the late 80’s.  Longish, wispy hair, leather, and bad***.  The guys from Boston were in AWE of these guys. . . they kept saying, “Look at the rawk n’ rollahs!  They’re so awesome!”  So eventually, the Boston guys decided that I should talk to the rawk n’ rollahs. . .  Well, of course I did.  The rawk n’ rollah I talked to was super-nice and actually talked to me for a while. . . the guys from Boston were in awe when I returned to the table like I’d just hung out with Def Leopard or something.  For all I know, maybe I did?

There were looooots of other encounters there. . . but those were the most memorable.

My SECOND FAVORITE MEMORY of all time with Liz in NYC was when we were in a cab, and rather intoxicated. . . and we noticed that the poor driver’s name was “Butt” on his license. . . and all hell broke loose.  We could NOT stop laughing the ENTIRE way home and basically laid in the back seat laughing ourselves into tears.  Stupid, yes. . . but when you are tipsy, these things are hilarious.


We were there for Halloween 2003 (I think, 2003?).

I highly recommend Halloween in NYC.

We were dressed at an angel and devil (see below).

I noticed that police officers watched us when we left a bar. . . but they were standing at the door of the bar so whatever.  It’s their job to watch people, I guess.  I didn’t think anything of this. . . Well, 10 or so blocks down the road, a police car pulls up next to our cab and asks the driver to stop. . . and they get out and give Liz and I NYPD patches.  WHAT?  This might be the single most random thing that has ever happened to me . . . ever.  We (again) laughed the entire way home, and all Liz could say was “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?  “DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN?”  LOL.

The patch!

The patch!

Seriously, I have random crap happen to me, but NOTHING like when I’m with Liz.  I just can’t explain.  I have about 58 more stories. . . for each trip to each different city we’ve done. . . and plenty in Champaign.

Can’t wait ’til next Friday. . . let the good times roll!



  1. ohmygosh. i should NOT have read this at work where i am totally lol’ing!!!!!

    i forgot that the rawk and rollah’s and bostons were two different groups of people. how did i forget that? i loved the rawk and rollah’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i also totally forgot about the jukebox fixer guy. wasn’t he on cocaine or something?


    what will happen next?

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