Posted by: illinigirl | July 13, 2009

When trying to find something else. . .

There is this CRAZY commercial about a news anchor here.  I am not sure if it’s for real. . . or if it’s supposed to be a joke?  It features a news anchor who used to deliver amusement rides to Wal-marts and such. . . and flashes “Carnie turned news anchor” on the screen.  Is this something you really want to highlight as a news station?  I seriously thought that the benadryl was playing tricks on my eyes. . . and now I can’t find it.  Maybe I was making it up.  I need to post something on fb and see if any of my friends have seen it!

When looking on youtube for that clip. . . I found this.

So dorky, but I kinda enjoy it. . . because I’m dorky like that.  This reminds me of something my sister and her former co-worker Kenny would do. . . because, in fact. .  . I think they *did* have a routine.  Not sure if it was this long though.



  1. I LOVE the WGN video. It even got picked up by CNN and they did a “piece” on those guys. Super cool.

  2. hilarious! they must really enjoy each other!

  3. The routine that Kenny and I did was so much better! Although shorter, we made full use of office supplies by using tape, the stapler and who could forget the grand finale of the office chair explosion! I’m pretty sure that I could still do the routine today 🙂

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