Posted by: illinigirl | July 12, 2009

Interview with myself–Busy edition

Remember how this is supposed to be the “year of you”. . . how’s that workin?

Um, not well. . . but I have said no to a few things. . . and am trying not to do things that I totally don’t want to do. . . but mostly. . . I’m still running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

What about getting involved in all the new activities you wanted to do?

Um. . . that’s not going so well either, BUT I am going to a weekly church group thing during the summer and am attending my first one tomorrow night.  It’s a Mass, a dinner, and a Q&A session with a guest speaker.  They are getting rave reviews and are being publicized amongst all the young Catholic groups. . . so hopefully it will be cool.  My friends Carrie and Lori are going, too. . .

What the heck have you been doing all weekend. . .

  • Well, I’ve been NOT sleeping, as I forgot that sudafed makes me unable to sleep.  That would explain last week!  Sinus headaches have inspired me to take sudafed. . . but I think not sleeping might be worse than the headaches!
  • I went dancing on Friday night and obtained my Very Important Lady card. . . which entitles me to free admission to the bar.  🙂
  • I had a hot stone massage on Saturday.  Awesome.  Massage Envy offers these now.  They take two credits, but are 90 min. long.  While it was good, nothing will ever compare with Tahoe!
  • I had my nails done on Saturday afterwards.  I generally don’t like this. . . but it’s cheap and nice.  (This job is not holding up so well. . . but perhaps it’s because I came home and cleaned and worked a lot with my hands this weekend.)
  • I cleaned my booty off.
  • I went to see “The Hangover”. . . HILARIOUS!  Totally lived up to the hype and makes me want to go to Vegas again!
  • I worked for quite a bit today.  Not really my intention to spend quite so much time there, but was great to catch up on things.
  • Made roasted asparagus and tomatoes in olive oil, lemon juice, and salt (one of my fav quick snacks). . . made cherry crisp!  Was supposed to go to a wedding shower, and felt guilty not going. . . but was sooooooo tired and wanted to rest after not sleeping and having these stupid sinus issues.

When is your next trip?

In two weeks. . . to Washington D.C. to see queenlizzle!

Um, doesn’t she live in Detroit Rock City?

Yes. . . but she’s in D.C. for the month!

What are you guys going to do?

So far, I only know we’re going to the Holocaust Museum.

Wow. .  sounds pretty. . . depressing?

Yeah, but also fascinating. . . and I’m a bit Holocaust obsessed.  I think it’s because of Anne Frank.  I read her diary 3-4 times when I was young and felt like I had so much in common with her.  Also, I went to Dachau when I was in Germany in high school.  Talk about an eery experience. . .

You and queenlizzle always have really random encounters when you’re together.  You should write a blog entry about that.

Good idea. . . I’m on it.

Have a GREAT week i_g!

You, too. . . weirdo!



  1. Rebecca went to the Anne Frank house last year in Amsterdam. She said it was very moving actually being in that space. Put it on your list!

  2. You need to send your Mass peeps up here. There are no young Catholic groups up this way. WTF? annoying!

  3. i’m holocaust obsessed too. i took a few history classes in college on it and went to anne frank’s house in amsterdam. the only thing i’ve ever seen in d.c. is the holocaust museum. i was there after sept 11th and everything was closed to tourists. it was really good – you’ll like it.

  4. oh my gosh i am getting so excited for your trip out!!!!

    i have been researching country bars, but so far i have only found a gay one. could be interesting.

    questions i have:
    1) who will we randomly run into on the street ala john ross style?

    2) what sort of noises will our taxi make? boat? peeling out?

    3) will we meet germans who we think are extremely unattractive only to later decide after soberly viewing pictures that you should have married one of them?

    4) what are our made up occupations this time? we can get REALLY creative in DC. secret service, hill staffer, etc.

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