Posted by: illinigirl | July 9, 2009

Italy Trip. . . Adventures Consolidated!

I spread out my blogging over *quite some time*. . . and I wanted to have an entry with everything in one place for my viewing pleasure.  I’ll probably go back and add more detail so that I have hotel names, restaurant names, and more stuff all in one place. . . that’s a good project for. . . whenever I have free time?

Some of my favorite pics

Rome–Day 1 (Ancient Rome)

Rome–Day 2 (Vatican City)

Rome–Night 2 (Pantheon area, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps)

Rome–Day 3 (St. Peter’s, Catacombs)

Florence–Day 1 (Duomo, Post Office!, Shopping)

Florence–Day 2 (wine day!)

Venice–Day 1 (General pics)

Venice–Day 2 (Murano)

Venice–Day 3 (Burano)

Venice–Day 3 (gondola)


Fun, fun, times. . . Thanks for following my adventure.  🙂



  1. […] look back on and relive memories of trips. . . so too bad.  😉  When I’m finished, I do a consolidation page like this, which is really my favorite thing in easily looking back at a […]

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