Posted by: illinigirl | July 8, 2009

Close Call

I have heard about other people doing this. . . but I’ve never done it before. . . yep. . . dreaming that you’re peeing and peeing the bed.

NO, NO, NO. . . I didn’t actually pee, but I was *thisclose*. . .

It was so weird because it was during a nap Sunday, and I did have to pee. . . and I had a dream that I got up, went into my bathroom and that Mom walked into my bedroom and started folding clothes (odd, but she *was* visiting in real life). . . and we started complaining about the fact that dad hammered paint cans shut while we were napping (which happened in real life, too) . . . so it was all so REAL. . . and this is when I came to and realized. . . I AM NOT ON THE TOILET!!!  GET UP, GET UP, QUICK, QUICK!

Maybe I should lay off the sleepy time tea at bedtime to rule out any accidents. . .



  1. that would have been a fun one to explain with people in the house.

  2. OMG I have almost done that too. I always wake up in time, but have to make a mad dash! lol

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