Posted by: illinigirl | July 5, 2009

Fourth of July Memory

I basically hate the 4th of July because I basically hate fireworks. . . I usually use it as a relaxing weekend where I chill, sleep, and get lots of stuff accomplished around the house.

One exception was three years ago (I think).  I was living in New Hampshire, but I had to go to Michigan for a class for work. . . and this fell around 4th of July. . . so I went to stay with queenlizzle for the weekend. . . and my college roommate in undergrad, Jess, also came out a few times!

Our friend Brian was staying in this amazingly fun neighborhood in Detroit at the time.  This group of houses had HUGE parties. . . one being for the 4th of July.  They went ALL out.  The party was huge and started in the afternoon.  They had an ice luge to pour shots into, sangria, a slushy machine with everclear slushies, kegs o’ beer (bold words bolded to emphasize excitement). . . and a pool, right?  and a volleyball or badminton  net?, and beer pong. . . and wasn’t there a band, too?

Ice Luge for shots

Ice Luge for shots

In action

In action

Yeah, lizzle and Jess will have to confirm some of this stuff because I started losing consciousness at approximately 8:00 due to the previously mentioned alcohol consumption (minus shots. . . no shots for i_g).  First off, I had to try everything (always a bad idea).  Secondly, it was HOT (not Texas hot, but hot).  The everclear was undetectable in the slushy, and they were going down soooo quickly on the hot day!  Who doesn’t love a slushy???

Then, after watching many beer pong matches, Liz and I decide to play.  We decide that we should do this because we wanted to hit two of the girls playing. . . they were like Par is Hilton and Lindsey Lo han with their tanned skin, designer clothing, snarky attitudes, big sunglasses. . . and European, yet valley-girl accents (not even sure if that’s possible). . .  and they were so drunk that we were certain that we can beat them easily.

Um, we lost.

Um, we also consumed mass quantities of beer in short order in the process. . . because that’s generally how beer pong works unless you are amazing.



Also, there were some stupid boys just out of college with rhyming names.  While they both had popped collars. . . one of them had DOUBLE popped collars.  Yes, that means. . . double douchebag.

Wow. . . crazy night. . . and it just kept getting crazier.  Ending with sparklers for the whole crowd. . . wish I would have captured a photo. . . but here’s photo of some people who have had slushies. . . but I apparently didn’t get the memo where we should open our mouths?

Say slushy!  :)

Say "slushy!" 🙂

We called a cab and waited in the front yard. . . and the cab that pulled up was called “drunk tank cab”, and it was a crazy old limo. . . with a crazy lady driving, who was SLAMMING on the breaks, swerving, and taking last second turns.  Really awesome if you’re intoxicated. . . and really awesome in a limo if you are not wearing your seatbelt (huge mistake and a very rare thing).  We were flying all over the place, and finally. . . I slid completely off the seat.  I decided that it was easier to just stay on the floor. . . with the contents of my purse scattered about.  After that awesome ride, I decide that I am going to be sick when we get to the house so I run out of the limo. . .  and with only one shoe.  Lizzle husband JK was nice enough to retrieve my items and find my shoe.  Could have done without the last slushy AND without the crazy deathride home. . . Awesome on the stomach!

Yeah, not a fun ending to the night. . . but a REALLY fun day/night.  I’m not sure I ever need to relive that again, but I’m sure it will go down as one of my favorite 4th of Julys ever!

(This 4th of July was a GREAT one though, too b/c my parents are in town, and we’ve had a great time eating our way around the city. . . more details to come!)



  1. fun – i want to live in that place.

  2. thank you for this blog update which made me lol for days.

    that has to be right up there with one of my fave 4th of july’s as well!!!!

    brian’s friend steven still lives in that house and htey still have millions of parties. i might finally be recovered enough from hte last one to go to one again soon!!!


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