Posted by: illinigirl | July 1, 2009

Cool website to research charities. . .

I was debating whether I heard about this on someone’s blog. . . but I think I talked about it with someone IRL one night b/c we were playing around and looking up different charities.  It’s probably been a few years since I’ve looked at it though.

I finally remembered the website for this tonight. . . if you are considering promoting or giving to a charity, check this out. . . also, pretty interesting to look up the places you already support.  This website allows you to search charities and look at their financials and efficiency. . . and how much they spend on administrative and fundraising costs, as opposed to going to directly to those that need it.  Sure, there’s a need for some of those costs. . . but you never want to see too much of that.

I found out something neat about one of the organizations I support.  The current manager makes way less than most others.  I am wondering if that was by his design?  You’ll see that some of these directors make mega-bucks, but honestly, many of them are probably well-deserving.  I know that at some of the places I support, people work LONG hours and give so much of their lives to their organizations.

I like the different lists on the left, too. . . pretty interesting. . .

Check it out and do some research before you give!


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