Posted by: illinigirl | June 26, 2009

MJ. . . Coming to a bathroom near you

Tonight I went to happy hour at a Mexican restaurant. . . and while in the restroom, a little girl (who I didn’t know or ever see) was singing “Thriller”. . . I thought this was too funny so I grabbed my camera. . . and documented the events. . . and then imagine my great delight when she burst into another MJ song!  I was laughing so hard. . . (You can here someone else laughing as she walked into the restroom at one point.)  Please excuse the flushing in the background. . . and my documentation of the toilet and such.  I didn’t want to just tape the wall!!!

Anyways, this girl actually had a really good voice, and this totally made my night before it even started!  🙂  You go, girl. . . get down with your bad self in the bathroom!



  1. hilarious!

    and i heart “you are not alone”. it’s from my freshman year of college (if i remember correctly). just takes me back…

    thriller scared the crap out of me as a kid.

  2. Also, note that she’s CLAPPING when I first started taping. . . crack me up!

  3. some people sing in the shower, she sings in public bathrooms. cute.

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