Posted by: illinigirl | June 24, 2009

Personal Assistant

My friend Kim (holla) wrote on her facebook status the other day that she needed a personal assistant.  I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately. . . This would be amazing for me.

If I had a personal assistant, here’s where he or she would really come in handy.  I know I’m single. . . but I’m busy, I travel a lot, I work a lot, I am social a lot, etc.

  • I always want a personal assistant when I move. . . to get my new driver’s license, plates, stay home with the movers and the cable guy, find me new doctors and a hairdresser, buy all the staple items at the grocery store, unpack things, sign things for the sale of my old home, etc., etc., etc. . . SO MUCH madness during those times and being all on your own AND trying to start a new job, it’s beyond crazy.
  • I’d like a personal assistant now to organize my closets while I’m at work.  I would seriously pay someone $10/hour to do this for a few days.
  • I would like a personal assistant to manage my finances.  I don’t have time for this. . . I don’t manage my 401k.  I just throw money at it automatically from each paycheck and don’t even look at it. . . and probably in stupid stuff.  I have a stupid IRA in a stupid account that I’d love to move, but I don’t have time to deal with that during the day.
  • I would like a personal assistant to pack for me before trips (. . . but they would need to have my MAD packing skillz of packing light.).
  • If someone could somehow also transfer sleep to me, that would be awesome. . .
  • Also, today I suggested that I have a smarter clone that can handle all the cryptic calculations I’m dealing with at work so I could go home and sleep, that would be awesome.  My brain power cannot handle these kinds of things after 3:00 p.m. anymore. . .
  • My personal assistant would also provide cards in a timely fashion for occasions, address them, stamp them, AND put them in the mail for me.  For some reason lately, the concept of SENDING the cards I’ve written is a challenge.
  • My personal assistant would write wordpress to ask them why my blog has such stupid spacing and cuts off words now that I use a mac!  😦

If I had help in these categories. . .

  • I would cook more.
  • I would write more.
  • I would do spontaneous stuff more (I don’t have time for spontaneous stuff).
  • I wouldn’t exercise more (who are we kidding?!?). . . but I’d sleep more.
  • I would probably waste even more time on the internet. . . AND not feel guilty about it!

What would your personal assistant do???. . . and what would you do with your free time?



  1. I so want a personal assistant too.

    Let’s see.

    For starters, I’d have him or her:
    * Plan & Prep meals
    * Do all the grocery shopping (including trips to the local farmer’s market)
    * Clean the house, especially mopping and bathrooms
    * Make trips to the post office.
    * Research and buy clothes in my size that are flattering for my body type.
    * Make appointments and remind me of birthdays.

    And that’s just for starters… 😉

  2. oh, i’d love this. though mainly, i’d want a maid.

    and, i’ll be your closet organizer assistant, and matt can help out with the financial assistant position you have open. see? you’re already making progress!

  3. and after flying for a few years, i could do your packing and card sending.

    my personal assistant would do the cooking and cleaning. especially the bathrooms.
    it’s nice to dream, isn’t it.

  4. I could totally be your personal assistant (except I’m not a smarter clone)! Let me know!!

  5. You forgot adding a desire to kill spiders and other bugs.

  6. I’m a little late to reading this b/c I still don’t have a personal assistant, but I really need one!

  7. All the above reasons is why I started my own company being a short term or part time PA for people who need one every now and then….I LOVE my job!!

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