Posted by: illinigirl | June 20, 2009

Words to live by. . .

I found out on Friday that a teenage girl who often stays where I volunteer passed away last week.  I knew that things were not looking promising for her, but was still so sad to hear the news.  She was a great girl. . . with a great family. . . and a sister.  I can’t imagine losing a sister, and especially when you are that age.

She recently had to have her leg amputated. . . and a few months ago, she was telling me that she was shopping and found the perfect slippers that she loved.  Problem:  There was only one slipper in the store with no mate. . . Not a problem for her!  She went to the counter and asked if it was a problem for her to just buy the one, as that’s all she needed anyway!  It pained me to hear about her radiation, and my last conversation with her stuck in my head for days. . . and I found myself thinking about her a lot. . . because she was just going through so much.  She showed us the marker lines all over her chest and neck, used for lining her up for radiation each day.

She really had a great spirit though, like so many of the kids there.  I won’t post her picture here, but I wish you could see her.  .  . she’s just so cute!

Her family posted this quote from her myspace page (some words changed for privacy):

“The names M, I am my own person; and I don’t really care that I am different! If you stare at me, that’s fine; I love the attention. I have cancer and I have had it for three years now, if you don’t like me because of that, then you don’t really matter. I have found that the little things are important and to live life to the fullest! One day, I will be famous for my speeches! Do what makes you happy. Be with who makes you smile, laugh as much as you breath. Love as long as you live. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

Can’t we all use this advice?. . . Rest in peace, M. . .



  1. Great blog about a remarkable young lady. This is one of the hard parts of our volunteering job there.

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