Posted by: illinigirl | June 18, 2009

Cheetos Guy

I posted this on facebook, but I cannot let my blogging friends without facebook miss out on this gem of a picture.

When we were drinking outside the church after Cousin Jeff’s wedding, A guy eating cheetos pulled up on a bike.

He was an interesting character.

My dad ignored him. . . but he stuck around FOREVER.

Finally, Dad’s cousin Johnny (and my cousin, too–but that just sounds weird b/c he’s more like an Uncle. . . SIDENOTE–I think that 2nd Cousins should be called “first Uncles” or “Uncles-once-removed” or something.) started talking to him. Johnny gave the guy a beer, which he put in his backpack. . . he then, broke out a photo album and proceeded to show Johnny pictures. He left sometime before I did. . . which is weird because I wouldn’t leave a place if I was seemingly homeless and stumbled along people who gave me beer and talked to me.

Now you see why i attract such weirdos into my life. . . it just comes naturally to my family.

Hes even holding a cheeto in the picture. . .

He's even holding a cheeto in the picture. . .



  1. isn’t it funny that he will forever be known as cheeto guy? it makes you wonder what people remember you as.
    that reminds me that i need to ask nicole about alley oop in effingham.

  2. omg. . . does *everyone* know alley oop?

  3. Awww, I forgot about “Ally Oop,” wtf?

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