Posted by: illinigirl | June 15, 2009

*short* interview with myself

Hey loser. .  where in the heck have you BEEN???

Yeah, well. . . life has been crazy.  I went home for a while. . . then to STL for a little while.

Didn’t you go to VENICE on your trip?  Where the heck are all the Venice pictures?  Oh sure, we’ve heard all about these beautiful colorful houses in Burano, but. . . we honesty believe that you didn’t even go to these places because we have no proof of this.

Yes, I did go to Venice. . . and yes, there is a *small* amount of of photographic evidence in my favorite pictures post. . . so there.

When are you going to blog about Venice?

Not sure.  I’d like to interrupt again and talk about Tank and Tracy’s wedding, STL, etc, etc,


Look, I do not have to take this from you. . . err, me or whatever.  It’s my blog, and I’ll blog when I want to! . . . Psssh.  My interviewer was sick today and needs an attitude adjustment.



  1. lol (as always).
    i agree, venice please.

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