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Rome–Day 3 (Last day in Rome!!!)

Sunday morning, we went to Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica. . . so back to Vatican City, we went.  Our tour guide told us Mass was at 10:00. . . but trip advisor people said 10:30.  I KNEW I the TA people were probably right, but I’m glad we went with our tour guide’s time because we got there way early. . . and got seats!

Here was the line for Mass an hour beforehand.  🙂

Crazy, right?

Okay, this church is BEAUTIFUL, and it was amazing to sit there and look around, but it was not an overly spiritual experience for me.  This is because the crowd was all touristy (including us). . . and people really wanted good seats. . . and people acted like they were going to run out of supplies at Communion!  I thought I was going to have to throw punches to get out in the Communion line. . . not organized and the “fend for yourself” mentality. . . and then on the way back from Communion, a lady was all smooshing into me from behind.  “LISTEN LADY!  WHAT’S THE BIG RUSH TO GET BACK TO YOUR SEAT???”. . . is what I wanted to yell, and purposefully slam to a halt and throw her an elbow.  Yes, yes, as you can see. . . not my finest moment in St. Peter’s!  My experience at home is a much more fulfilling one!  😉

Love this one with the light coming through. . .

Love this one with the light coming through. . .

Front of the church

Front of the church

Our seats were pretty close

Our seats were pretty close

I took this video during the recessional hymn. . . Once again, forgive the terrible camera work. . . but this is much more telling of the beauty than the pictures so it must be shared!

After church we had a bit of a debacle. . . but I won’t even go into that too much.  Just a word to the wise though. . . If you don’t know the area you are going to, and the attraction there is closed for 2 1/2 hours around lunch time. . . don’t assume there will be places to eat. . . also, if you are way far away from the city, you might not have many options for getting back to the City!

After church, we went to the catacombs outside of Rome.  This was interesting. . . and a debacle, but I’m glad we went for a number of reasons. . . one being. . . POPPIES!  🙂

The catacombs were closed when we went out there. . . and luckily. . . after much walking in the heat, we found a snack bar with things to eat!  I thought I saw a Jackpot Party slot machine at the snack bar . . . but I was wrong.  😦

Deceived by Hammer Time. . .

Deceived by "Hammer Power". . .

Imagine my disappointment!  CRUD, I just realized that I didn’t take pics of what I ate at the snack bar. . . a chocolate croissant and chips. . . 😉

Tree-lined street walking to the snack bar

Trees walking to the snack bar

A nearby church

A nearby church

On our way back to the catacombs

On our way back to the catacombs

This would be a cool back yard. . . as long as you arent creeped out by living less than a mile from a burial ground for 1/2 million people

This would be a cool back yard. . . as long as you aren't creeped out by living less than a mile from a burial ground for 1/2 million people

Love this picture of a girl playing in a nearby field. . .


Then. . . the catacombs.  It was interesting.  Back in the day, Catholics were buried out here outside the city.  Catholics were being persecuted. . . and while this spot was not a secret, it did offer some refuge, and they made an underground church here, as well (very small!).  There are four levels to this with 500,000 people buried there!  (The bodies have since been removed because people were taking bones and such. . . Popes were buried out here, St. Cecelia, etc. . . not cool to have people taking relics!)

I don’t have any pictures because we couldn’t take any. . . but check this out:

After this, we had the luck of finding a CAB in the middle of nowhere to take us back to Rome. . . shew. . .

We went by the Pantheon and decided on a restaurant.  GREAT DECISION.  As it turns out, this restaurant was listed in the Rick Steve’s book (as we found out later). . . See below “Miscellanea”:

Not sure if you can read it. .  but it says that Mikki is the owner of the restaurant and prides himself on feeding foreign students good food at a low price.  If you mention this book, Mikki will give you a glass of his homemade “sexy wine” for free. . .

One of the waiters seemed really cool. . . and Shane wondered if he was Mikki so I asked him. . . he said that no, Mikki wasn’t there yet. . . but they brought us sexy wine.  Well, when Mikki did show up. . . he talked to us for a while and ended up sitting down and talking for over an hour!  He was TOO FUNNY!  They brought us more “sexy wine”. . . and an expresso for Shane.  This guy cracked us up, and we were so glad we met him. . . here is our picture with him:

Mikki in the middle!

Mikki in the middle!

Sexy wine!

Sexy wine!

As Shane kept saying that day as we were lost. . . “It’s all about the journey”. . . the afternoon ended up being pretty annoying with being trapped in the middle of nowhere. . . but all’s well that ends well. . . and we have a story and poppies as a result!



  1. yeah, getting in a fight at mass probably wouldn’t have been the best idea…but definitely funny. would you say go an hour and a half early or hour?

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