Posted by: illinigirl | May 27, 2009

Sorry Turner (and my other followers)

I just haven’t had time to blog here!  Oh, but will I have a lot to blog about when I return. . . I could probably spend days blogging and sharing pictures.

Now we are in Venice.  It’s been interesting thus far. . . we haven’t ventured out much though.  Tomorrow we are taking a tour and then at some point, going to Murano and Burano.  Only a few days left!  😦

So far, the highlight was the tour of Tuscany yesterday.  A-maz-ing.  I am coming back for sure, for sure.  A very close second was the Vatican tour.

I’ll be back in the States on Saturday. . . and will hopefully be blogging again by Sunday.




  1. Can’t wait to see pictures…and I will be in Houston the week of June 8, so, no excuses!

    Have fun! Safe flight home.

  2. Oh wow! a shout out on the Illini_girl blog… I feel so honored!!! (ok maybe not a shout out in the traditional sense… but still!) Glad to have you back in the USofA! I have had Tuscany at the very top of my place to go list, glad to hear its as good as I hope.

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