Posted by: illinigirl | May 18, 2009


You know sometimes when you are a kid, you think a TV show, movie, book, whatever is sooooo great. . . and then you see it now and go. . . “huh? This is awful.”

It’s either because animation/quality has improved over the years. . . you discover that the show that captivated you back in the day actually has no plot. . . or you just aren’t bored enough to ever have to look at that stuff again.

I discovered this when I tried to watch the Smurfs a few months ago on the Cartoon Network.  YIKES.  Not that compelling!

Then, last night, I was talking to Liz about “Belle and Sebastian”. . . it was probably my favorite cartoon growing up and was on Nickelodeon.  It was so great because it was all about a boy trying to find his mother and searching all over Europe and in the mountains with his dog, Belle.

I looked this up on youtube last night. . . while I still hold that the premise and plot of the show is better than most cartoons (more like a drama with an on-going storyline). . . WOW, it was apparently done in German or Italian originally and dubbed to English.  Funny how stuff like that didn’t bother me as a kid.  Now it’s PAINFUL to watch!

I still like it though. . . oh, the memories.



  1. that’s so funny b/c last night, matt and i watched about 20 minutes of “teen wolf” and it’s atrocious (not just the premise of the movie, but the acting, too). but i know i watched it multiple times as a kid!

  2. Two things

    1) To Nicole– I STILL list Teen Wolf and Splash among my favorite movies, even though they’re horrible. Nostalgia alone will get me every time.

    2) I had a similar convo. last night while watching the Princess Bride. Although it is a GOOD movie, I was convinced when I was little that my family was the only one who watched it. It was like our little secret movie.

    Until I realized it has a HUGE following by just about everyone of our generation.

    Oh, and I still heart Smurfette (so I guess that’s 3 things)

  3. i had the same reaction to shirt tales. i loved that cartoon growing up and after seeing a re-run my memories were definitely better than the real thing.
    my cousins had those smurf figurines/houses. they were the best.

  4. The other night I was watching yet another VH1 countdown “The 40 Hottest Hotties of the 90’s” (Did I admit that out loud?) Anyhoo, they listed Luke Perry aka Dylan Walsh as one of the hotties. They were showing clips of him on 90210 . . . He was SUCH A HORRIBLE ACTOR!!! I guess it helped he was so smoking hot, because I never noticed it before, but he was so cheesy!! Another one that’s really bad, but I loved as a kid?? Howard the Duck

  5. Shirt tales. . . loved them. Love smurfette, but seriously. . . not a great plot there. . . and the “smurfed” jokes get old. “She’s ‘smurfing’ up a lot of trouble!” Hahaha.

    I never watched much 90210. . . but it seemed that Dylan pretty much stood there and barely said too words. . . and acted like a dope. I guess you can do that when all the young girls think you’re dreamy!

    I’ve only seen bits and pieces of Teen Wolf. . . but I always think of Michael J. Fox as being a good actor (maybe b/c I thought he did so well in Family Ties). . . I will steer clear of Teen Wolf now that I have this knowledge. 😉

  6. Oh, no… you need to watch Teen Wolf at least once. For a number of reasons:

    1) Stylz
    2) “Give me a keg of beer”
    3) Teenage warewolf in a basketball uniform

    There was also an animated version.

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