Posted by: illinigirl | May 6, 2009

Interview with myself: Random Edition

Yes, yes. . . I’M OVERDUE FOR THIS. . . forgive me.

Illini_girl, where in the heckfire have you been?  Why have you been SUCH a loser???

I have been really busy on the social circuit, really busy at work, and really busy with other stuff.

But come on. . . have you really been that busy on *school* nights?

Well, sometimes, yes. . . but also, I’ve been tired.

YOU have been TIRED?  You are never tired.  In fact, you sleep like crap.  How has this change come about?

Well, I got to my breaking point of only sleeping ~5-6 hours a night about a month ago.  I went to the doctor for a TERRIBLE appointment where I had to wait for three hours, and the resident did not listen to me.  They were very reluctant to put me on drugs, which is okay with me.  The doctor’s suggestion was to take benadryl.  It’s benign and non-habit forming. . . so she said there is no reason I can’t take it every night.  (Please consult your doctor before going with this plan though. . . God help you if you use my blog for medical advice!!!)  The benadryl has been WIPING me OUT.    I’ve never been so tired in my life, which is amazing.  My blog, my T.V. watching, my reading for book club, etc. have suffered. . . but I’m now getting 7 or more hours of sleep!!!

So when do you go to Italy?

MAY 21st!!!  Only a few weeks!!!

Are you 100% ready for this trip?

HECK-NO.  My biggest thing I need to figure out is. . . skirts!  Where can a girl get a cute NON-poofy, NON-wrinkly skirt that goes below the knee (church thing)???  Ideas welcomed!!!  I have not had any luck.  It may be pants for me!  I’m also considering capris. . . but I HATE capris and think they are the least flattering things in the history of the earth.  Blech.  I also need a bigger memory card for my camera. . . (and an extra one!). . . and I think I’ll be ready. . . I think.  I need to do a practice run of packing before next weekend.

You aren’t excited at all for this, I’m sure.  What’s your next exciting trip after Italy?

The decades party in STL to celebrate me and some of my colleagues turning 30. . . and a few turning 40 and 50!  Basically, it’s an excuse for us to all get together and have fun.  🙂

What’s your next exciting thing after that?

My parents are coming in July!

Is there a business you’d like to plug today?

As a matter of fact, YES.  I ordered flowers from Halo Florist in Tolono today for my grandparents.  I didn’t even know if they were still in business. . . but they are, they delivered this afternoon (when I called at 2:30 p.m. to order them!), and I think they are very lovely.  Grandma loves them, which makes me happy.  Check them out:




  1. 5 or 6 hours of sleep? that’s crazy. i would have been a walking zombie.

  2. I basically was. I almost never went to sleep before midnight or 12:30. . . and get up between 5:30 and 6:00. ROUGH.

    I’m not going to say that I’m never tired during the day now, but things seem to be a little better. . . I don’t hate myself quite as much!

  3. dear hannah,
    i am the queen of skirt shopping. i can offer some suggestions for places to look, as follows:

    1) target. i just got a couple really cute pencil skirts there that are non poofy and non wrinkly. they are below my knee because i am only 3 feet tall.

    2) talbots. i have never actually bought a skirt from there, and they are probably more momish than anyone wants, but they do have nice skirts that i think will fit your needs.

    3) brooks brothers. might be too fancy for what you are looking for, but they actually have a great casualish line.

    4) white house black market. very hit or miss but when it’s a hit it’s awesome. sometimes they don’t even have ANY skirts so this might be a quick trip.

    5) i’m sure you’ve already checked banana, but almost all of my great a-line, nonpoofy, nonwrinkly skirts come from the land of banana.

    6) chicos. once again this place can run rather mom-ish but i just remembered they have some really nice jersey knit longerish nonpoofy skirts that would probably be perfect. i dont understand their sizing, but that can be overcome.

    this is a good starting point. if these suggestions do not pan out let me know and i will give you six new ones! 🙂

  4. Got the Talbot’s catalog this week…LOTS of skirts. Not too mom-ish, and yes, I (29 yr old) shop there b/c Ann Taylor, et al doesn’t do plus sizes.

  5. My oldest sometimes has some sleeping problems too. They recommended Melatonin for her. It’s also non-habit forming and she doesn’t have that “hangover” feeling in the morning.

    But, follow your own advice and check with your doctor first 🙂

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