Posted by: illinigirl | April 27, 2009

Frances is to illini_girl as running away to Italy is. . . running away to Italy

(Please note that the spacing in this DANG blog is messed up. . . and I am messed up. . . on Benadryl so I can’t fix it and have to go to bed.  Sorry!

The lead character (Frances) in Under the Tuscan Sun is a writer.  I want to be a writer  (See the 5th question down)!

Frances struggles to fix up her house.  I struggle to fix up my house (See #12)!

Frances sees a bug and freaks out and takes off  her clothes.  Yep, I’ve done that!

Frances is afraid of storms.  <—-me.  (This post is a little extreme b/c it’s a hurricane.  I’m not sure *anyone* is a fan of that. . . but I don’t sleep during storms, in general, and this is mentioned in the post.)

Frances specializes in awkward.  So do I.

Frances is excited by the little things in life.  Ditto.  (Read any post I’ve ever done.)

Frances enjoys tall, dark, and handsome men. . . Me, also.  Not sure if I have a post on this, but Italian men. . . make me melt (that being said, any guy that I’ve had any type of serious crush on in real life, has been blonde–Interesting).

I really relate to this character a lot. . . so much, that I think I should run away to Italy, too.  🙂

Don’t worry. . . I’ll let you all visit!



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