Posted by: illinigirl | April 23, 2009

An Update to the Vote for Trank’s Wedding Dress. . .

In a shocking move, Green Dress #2 pulled ahead of Green Dress #3 today. . . but I basically already had my mind made up on Green Dress #3. . . so that’s what I’m ordering. . . BUT please note that if I am not “chesty” enough to hold up Green Dress #3. . . then #2, it is!  (There Jackie. . . I said it so you didn’t have to!)  🙂

Also, please note that I love Brown Dress #2 and might buy it for the hell of it.  I can wear it to church with a little sweater. . . and always can use more dresses, right?

Also, please note that I fell in love with another dress not pictured here, and will probably order that, too.

DANGIT, J. Crew. . . you and your evil cute dresses!  😐

I will order them this weekend. . . I’m really curious how the sizing will go.  I need to measure stuff.  I hate online shopping!. . . but they don’t have these dresses in my store. . .



  1. please be advised that based on my experience their sizing is ALL OVER THE PLACE. sometimes i am the same size there that i am at banana, but sometimes i am a size bigger.

  2. Lol, Hannah your the best! Have a fun weekend.

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