Posted by: illinigirl | April 22, 2009

Small Town News

To quote John (Cougar, at the time) Mellancamp “I was born in a small town. . .”

And I love that. . .

There is something that DRIVES ME CRAZY when I go home though. .

The news.

I HATE watching the news.  First off, nothing happens. . . so the news is 90% cheesy.  Also, nothing happens. . . so they replay the same stories over, and over, and over.  It’s painful, and I avoid it if I can.

The thing is that now I live in a ginormous city. . . and I hate watching the news. . . because TOO MUCH happens, and I don’t want to know about it. . . and this makes you appreciate your small town where nothing happens.

It’s a complex life I lead.

Anyways. . . here is a video clip that my sister sent me today to illustrate my point on the news back home.  I actually enjoyed this story, but still yeah. . . this is the news.

(I wanted to embed this. . . but I don’t have vodpod on this computer. . . PLEASE check out the link. . . it’s so worth it!!!)



  1. I totally get this!

    And OM Goodness…Jennifer Roscoe is still doing the news there? She’s been there forever!

  2. I enjoy our dorky uneventful news because of gems like this. I would much rather hear about missing gnomes and dog fashion shows than murder and other crime!

  3. personally the composite of the gnome was my favorite part.
    this was much more entertaining than house fires and stuff.

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