Posted by: illinigirl | April 16, 2009

More evidence: Animals don’t like me either

As most of you know, I’m just not an animal person.

Well, the place I volunteer got a hypoallergenic dog.  He is usually gone by the time I get there (he spends the night elsewhere right now b/c he was whining and keeping all the families up!).

Tonight he was there. . . I was like. . . eh, not a huge fan. . . and then he walked up to me.  The house manager said, “Oh, he likes you!”. . .

. . . and the dog proceeded to vomit all over the place at my feet.

Apparently, the feeling is mutual.  :\



  1. LOL !!!! over and over. You made my morning 🙂 sorry but that was tooo funny.

  2. i knew you didn’t like birds but i didn’t know it was all animals in general.
    sorry about the vomit (but it made me laugh).

  3. OMG, that is funnier than Dwight hitting a bear…

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