Posted by: illinigirl | April 15, 2009

My favorite feature of my new computer

I’m a little frustrated right now at learning a new computer. . . I’ve been wanting to blog about the 5k, but I need to do some picture editing. . . and I’m challenged with using a new system.  That can be a weekend goal (along with OH so many more weekend goals!). . .

Right now I will show you the coolest thing I’ve seen on this computer so far. . . iphoto has face recognition.  If I name someone in a picture, it will pull all the pictures you have of that person so they are filed by “face” as well as event.  Now, it’s off at times. . . but it’s pretty dang funny how accurate it is. . . and it pulls faces out of the background that I never would have picked up on. . . Like I have a picture of my sis and my cousin. . . and it found tagged Dad WAY in the background doing something else.

Sometimes the suggestions are off. . . and in pictures where my sis and I look alike, it pulled her photos for me, too.  🙂  Here are just a few of my blog readers’ faces that I’ve captured so far. . . How cool is this?

Okay, it took me a ridiculous amount of time to figure out how to do a print screen and how to link this through the website I used (still isn’t working!). . . Must go to bed now.

P.S.–To answer your question about my old computer, Michelle. . . It is only a few years old (sadly) but experienced many problems.  The wireless card went out and could not be replaced (replacements didn’t work). . . had to use a USB wireless device.  The battery was stupid.  The computer did not shut down and start up properly so I would have to continuously reboot. . . the mouse pointer disappeared all of the time and wouldn’t come back so I’d have to reboot.  It still works. . . just not very consistently or very well!



  1. that is pretty amazing (the photo recognition). that would save me a ton of time.

  2. Wow, very cool!! Why am I still a PC??

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