Posted by: illinigirl | April 1, 2009

There ain’t no party like a jackpot party ’cause the jackpot party don’t stop!

So it’s time to tell you about my favorite slot machine. . .


Yes, not to be confused with “SUPER Jackpot Party”. . . I like the plain ol’ Jackpot Party better.

Jamie played this Saturday night, and it looked like fun. . . so I played Sunday, and I was hooked.

Here’s a video, but it really doesn’t show you the fun part. . . (No, I didn’t film this. . . just found it on youtube)

The fun part is the bonus. . . if you hit party horns in lines 1, 3, and 5, you get the bonus. . . this is REALLY exciting when you hear the horn sound twice b/c you just pray you’ll hear it again!

For the bonus, there are tons of presents on the screen.  You click on the presents, and you win whatever amounts are inside. . . until you hit a “pooper”, which ends the bonus.  My biggest and most exciting bonus was ~$18.00 (on penny slots).  I never put in more than $10 at a time. . . and Sunday night, $10 entertained me for two and 1/2 hours!  I didn’t make a lot, but I didn’t lose a lot, and it was highly entertaining.

I like games where you feel like you have an element of control in the bonus.  In many games, you have no control b/c the bonus is a random spin, or whatever. . . this is why I didn’t like most games.  There was a Survivor game that was fun where you had control in picking stuff, and I came out ahead there so that was a good time.

So now I’m thinking I want to go back to Vegas just to play Jackpot Party.  Thanks, Jamie!



  1. Jackpot Party should be outlawed. It’s that addicting. Luckily, places where I’ve been there’s normally only 2-4 machines, and they’re always occupied. I hate slots for the same reason you do though, so it’s perfect for us control freaks.

  2. Hannah ask Jamie to LA to the river boats. It is about 2 to 2 1/2 hrs away and they have super jackpot party. Maybe some of the others hotels have the game you like. If you like to control things a little better maybe I sould teach you how to play the table games. I like doing that better.
    I like poker.

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