Posted by: illinigirl | March 27, 2009

Interview with Myself: Running Edition

Once again, you’re not discussing running too much on here. . . are you doing a lot of running but just not blogging about it?

Pfft.  Next question.

Okay, okay. . . I’ll answer.  I had those three weeks where I essentially had one night off each week, and was basically in a constant state of dying of tired.  I only ran once/week.  Sadly, I only ran once this week. . . but I’ve been working late and not sleeping well so I’m not going to be too hard on myself.

Why did you call your friend Susie a b-word yesterday?

Because she wrote those of us training for the Illinois race in April yesterday and told us she ran 22 minutes straight. . . took a small break. . . and ran more.  I am like. . . WAY behind this, and she’s making us all look bad!  I decided not to respond by calling her a b-word b/c in facebook, you can only reply to all, and I didn’t know a few people on the list and if they’d be offended!  😉

Are you running a large portion of the workout.  . . or walking more?

I’m mostly running, but it’s a SLOW AS MOLASSES run.  Turtles were passing me tonight!

Okay, but do you at least *look* good while you’re running?

I did buy some new workout clothes, and I think I look pretty good. . .

That’s PRETTY freakin’ conceited!. . . How do you know this?

I know this because a guy in his car was staring at me as I was running next to him out of my condo complex. . . blew through a sign and a speed bump saying to “STOP because the gate opens towards you” and crashed into the gate.  Ha!

That’s not actually funny.

Yes it is. . . because there was no damage.  Good to know that our gate does not hit a car very hard when it’s opening.  When I came back in after my run, the guard looked, at me and shook his head. . . and we started cracking up about the idiot that hit the gate earlier.

Oh, what happened to your chart and Couch to 5k?

I abandoned both because I found that at this point. . . I’m doing better going to my own music.

Aren’t you going to publish your 5k running mix?

Soon, very soon.  I was going to post it tonight, but I’m still tweaking.

I know that you are anti-wildlife.  . . particularly while running.  Have you seen anything lately?

Generally, this is the benefit to running in a city. . . I had a an encounter with a groundhog in New Hampshire that FREAKED ME OUT (by the way, I ran up on him, and he didn’t move, but it scared the crap out of me. . . so I started screaming and SPRINTED the other direction–occasionally looking back to make sure he wasn’t chasing after me. . . riiiiiight. . . because groundhogs are HUGE threats to humans!).  Today, I was 99% sure I saw a fox. . . but now I’m 97% sure that it was a dog. . . but I did once see a dead fox on this road when I was going to work. . . so it’s not completely inconceivable to see a fox.

Um, shouldn’t you be packing???

YES, I should!  I’m heading to Vegas this weekend!  I probalby won’t blog this weekend, but you’ll hear all about it next week!



  1. don’t worry, i’m a SLLLLOOOWWW runner too.
    have fun in vegas!

  2. a) have fun in Vegas, especially the spa!
    b) can’t wait for the running mix
    c) care to share your running method? As you know, I can’t stick to just one, so I’m interested in your “plan.”
    d) You’ll definitely be seeing *me* in the slow lane. Right behind the turtles. Or the foxes.

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