Posted by: illinigirl | March 22, 2009

Rodeo Wrap-up

I am way too lazy to post the millions of video clips I took at the Rodeo between the events and the concerts.  I will probably eventually post the events, because they are really flippin cool. . . but right now I will focus on the concerts.

My AJ wrap-up was first.  Good show, good show.

Next was Brad Pais ley.  I saw him last year, too.  Why do I love him?  He’s so cute, but I get the feeling that he’s a little bit of a nerd, which I enjoy.  His song lyrics are so clever, his videos are so clever, his songs are so sweet. . . the list goes on and on.

This is my favorite song that he does in concert.  I don’t like the some of the videos that Brad puts on youtube b/c he has people talking in them.  This would be one of those.  If you wanna listen to the song, it’s right here, but it’s not really a video:

Next, was Josh Turner.  Holy goodness, that man is gorgeous.  He also has some really sweet songs. . . and this song, which I think might be the sweetest song ever made in the whole entire world!

Last but not least. . . was Gary Allan.  This was my favorite concert this year, and of any Rodeo. . . and maybe in the top five of ALL concerts I’ve EVER seen.  First off, he has a unique sound. . . It’s like country meets rock.  I really, really love a lot of his music, but quite frankly, I forgot about a ton of his really good songs.  Look him up on youtube and check out his stuff.  I love his cover of Vertical Horizon’s “Best I’ve Ever Had”. . . love “Songs About Rain”. . . love so many.  “Learning How to Bend” was his best song in concert though IMO. . . and I am in love with it right now.  This song could be taken many ways. . . about a relationship between two people, or about someone’s relationship with God.  Through looking up his music the internet, I found the sad story of his wife’s death.  Ugh.  No wonder he sings my current favorite with such passion. . .

Please check it out!  (Grr.  Embedding is disabled.  Click on it twice, and you’ll go to the page.)



  1. i’m a huge gary allan fan. i love best i ever had and right where i need to be. oh, and smoke rings in the dark and it would be you. (i could go on and on…). his voice is amazing.

  2. i definitely like gary allan, too. a couple of years ago i watched him tell his/his wife’s story on oprah (though i despise her show). it was heartbreaking. my boys are big fans of his song “airplanes”. he has a sexy voice, too!

    and josh turner – your description of him cracked me up!

    i do love brad paisley (and his music is cute/ok to me)…he seems like a great husband and dad. he just seems like someone you’d like to be friends with!

    lucky girl – getting to see all of them so close together!

  3. […] Katie and I went to see him at the Rodeo. . . but of course, even when you have good seats. . . the artists are playing in the middle of a football field so it’s still far away.  Plus, the acoustics and such are not usually that great.  This being said, Gary was AMAZING at the Rodeo.  See previous entry here. . . […]

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