Posted by: illinigirl | March 17, 2009

Interview with myself: Blogging Edition

I’ve decided that I’m going to do these interviews ~once a week because I find them amusing.  🙂

You’ve been SUCKING at blogging lately.  What is wrong with you?

I’ve been too busy.  Seriously.  Last night and tonight were the only nights I had free this week. . . but after you get home from work late, run errands, make dinner, etc. . . no time.  Also, Italy planning has been taking up a decent chunk of time.  Tomorrow night = rodeo, and Thursday night = volunteering and basketball game. . . so yeah, not sure when you’ll see me again.

Um, you missed your blogiversary and made no announcement!  Did you forget?

Yes.  I completely forgot. .  . but the thing is, I’ve been blogging for nearly seven years on a number of different sights. . . but February was my wordpress blogiversary!

What is your favorite entry that you’ve ever written?

I think that this one is one of my favorites. . . maybe it’s just remembering those fun trips and what a dork I am.  So many weekends in NH were an adventure!  While I have lots of fun here in TX, I don’t have many adventures!

Why don’t you post your blog on facebook?

Dude. . . I’ve LOVE to!  There are too many flipping work people on facebook though, and I don’t want to expose myself to that.  While I really don’t talk about work on here, I don’t want people knowing about all the details of my life.

You say you’ve blogged for 7 years. . . but didn’t you do something slightly “bloggish” at the U of I?

Well, slightly. . . I had a “.plan” that I updated every day.  Yes, kids. . . this was before all the fancy schmancy webmail. . . we had TELNET at the U of I!  Luckily, as a freshman, my RA in my dorm taught me how to set up a .plan.  Basically, you would go into telnet and type “pico .plan” and you could write anything. . . then people could “finger” you (YES, sounds very dirty!) by typing “finger” and your login id and see your .plan.  There was also a way to see anyone that had a .plan.  “finger” was also a great tool for stalkers, as you could see when people last checked their email and where from (or if they were currently on. . . so if you saw that someone was as “uglibrary” you would know they were at the library. . . or “gregory”, they were at Greg Hall.  This could be a whole separate post because I have a story about how I totally stalked someone via this tool.  HA!)  Anyhowsers, I updated my .plan pretty much every day.  Sometimes it would be a sentence. . . a quote. . . song lyrics. . . or a story.  My life twin, queenlizzle was also a .planner.  Sadly, we didn’t know each other during most of our times as .planners.  I still refer to a lot of people by their login ID’s. . . eherriot, rparrato, sbmitche, jrander1, etc.

What are some future topics that you need to not forget to write about?

The remaining rodeo performances, my childhood pen pal, my MOST embarrassing moment (which I have debated about sharing, but I’ve decided. . . what the hell), a cookie recipe, books I’ve read in the past few months, etc.

Okay, people make fun of you for your blogging and how much time you devote to it. . . honestly, why do you waste your time?

EXCUSE ME, do you honestly think this PRECIOUS material is a waste???  Okay, it mostly is. 😉  I get more out of other people’s blogs than I do my own, but it’s fun to be a part of it all.  My other blogs were mostly private, which was nice in many respects, but I missed out on some of the interaction.  I emailed Nicole occasionally and saw her when I was in STL, but to now be able to see what she’s up to and get regular updates on the kiddos?  That’s priceless.  Same with Cari, who I went to high school with. . . but don’t see regularly and would have no clue what she was doing if it weren’t for blogs.  Same with queenlizzle, who I talk to on the phone occasionally. . . but it’s no substitute for knowing what’s going on all the time.  An added bonus is the people I’ve met on the blogosphere!

Don’t you have people to add to your blogroll?

Hold your horses!  I haven’t asked them yet!

See ya again. . . eventually!



  1. i want to hear your most embarrasing story.
    and books that you’ve read…i need some more to read.

  2. can’t wait for the embarrassing story!

    and i, too, love being able to keep up with you through your blog.

  3. Um, yeah… you’d probably be able to keep up with me a little better if I actually got around to *posting* again.

    I’m in the same too-busy boat as you are. And have TONS of posts to write.

    I had no clue about the .plan thing and the fingering. ISU wasn’t quite as fancy!!

  4. Amazing you still remember everyone’s U of I login names!!!!

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