Posted by: illinigirl | March 14, 2009

Has anyone else ever thought about this?

You might have only thought about this if you’re an internet nerd like me. . .

But I used to be a chatter back in the day. . . and had a group of friends from chatting that only knew me through that world (until I met them all!). . . then I became involved in a few message boards.  I also have a lot of friends scattered all over the globe because I’ve moved and traveled so much. . . I interact with them mostly via facebook.  My family does not know any of these people.

I really thought about the fact that if I died, none of these people that I interact with on a daily or weekly basis would have a clue that I fell off the face of the earth.  Weird.  Actually, several boards I used to be active on may think I’m dead because I haven’t had as much time to visit there as of late!

Check out this link:

This is really interesting. . . why didn’t I think of these services?  The only thing that’s kinda freaky is the one site that you have to log into occasionally in order to prevent an email from going out saying that you’re dead. . . ummm. . . what if for whatever reason, you can’t or you forget?  That would be pretty bad!



  1. you know what, that is a good idea. you just never know if someone just got busy/bored w/ something or if something happened to them.
    i would never have thought of that.

  2. It is probably a good idea that I have you as my webmaster. You should probably go and tell MySpace that I am not dead, that I just hate it!

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