Posted by: illinigirl | March 11, 2009


The rodeo concerts are fun. . . but I love the actual rodeo!  I videotaped a few things to show you, and I’ll do more the next three times I go.

First, bull riding. . . This is always the last professional event.  It was kind of disappointing this night (no one lasted long!), but here is the best person I got on film.

Next is a crowd favorite. . . the calf scramble.  FFA kids trying to catch calves.  You catch a calf, yout get to raise the calf. . . and auction it off someday to help pay for school. . .(camera work here is CRAP. . . but you will get the jist.  We were sitting near some of the parents, as you will see).

Next was a new event (for the H-town Rodeo). . . Muttin Bustin.  Imagine four year olds riding sheep.  Yeah, none of them stayed on long. . . and 5 out of the 6 kids that did it were crying. . . some before they even got on.  The 6th boy. . . LOVED it.   CRUD, I didn’t put this video on youtube, and I’m way too lazy to do it now. . . I’ll post it another night!

Tomorrow, I see Brad Paisley!  🙂



  1. i’ve never been to a rodeo. it looks like fun.

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