Posted by: illinigirl | March 9, 2009

Rodeo Concert #1

My first concert was Alan Jackson.  (Please note that I was supposed to go to five, but had to back out of tonight’s events due to extreme tiredness and extreme stupidity of me making plans every other night this week and possibly having people over at my house Friday. . . and having plans all day and night on Saturday and Sunday. . . BRILLIANT!)  :\

My sis and I saw AJ back in 2001, I think. . . and we really liked him.  He has some fun songs. . . but so many downright sweet songs that make me tear up.  My favorite song of his has always been “Livin’ on Love”. . . not only is it cute as can be when he describes falling in love. . . but also cute as can be when describing growing old together.  These days when it seems so many people throw in the towel in relationships so easily, it’s nice to be reminded of love like this.

“He can’t see anymore.  She can barely sweep the floor. . . Hand in hand, they’ll walk through that door. . . Just livin’ on love.”

When you look at people like my grandparents or any couple where one of them is sick. . . and all the trials they are going through and still how devoted they are to one and other despite how very HARD it is, it really adds a whole new perspective. . . and yes folks, now I’m crying as I type. . . damn you, Alan.  🙂

If you don’t remember this song. . . here it is (a really sweet video, too–embedding is disabled on it so click on it twice, and it will take you to the youtube page.):

If you are wondering what the rodeo concerts are like, check this out (please excuse the HORRIBLE camera work. . . apparently I was on crack during this song!):

That’s another cute song. . . along with “Remember When”. . . so many.

Good times, good times. . . Another night this week, I will feature some rodeo events. . . I decided last week that I would take videos of some different events each night for your enjoyment. . .get excited!  😉



  1. I’m not a huge AJ fan (can we still be friends?) but I do love “Remember When” and “Daddy Let Me Drive” – especially the verse you posted!

  2. yes, we can still be friends, nicole. 🙂 at least you like two of the most important songs!

  3. The verse from “Livin’ on Love” just made me tear up a bit, thinking about my grandparents at the end.

  4. The verse from “Livin’ on Love” just made me tear up a bit, thinking about my grandparents at the end.

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