Posted by: illinigirl | February 27, 2009

Randomness in Four

Four names that people call me
1.  Hannah
2.  Han
3.  freakshow
4.  illini_girl

Four jobs I have had
1.  Asst. HR Manager
2.  Gas station attendant (not what you’re thinking though)
3.  Dad’s office biotch
4.  HR intern

Four movies I would watch more than once
1.  Pride and Predjudice
2.  Sense and Sensibility
3.  Goonies
4.  When Harry Met Sally

Four places I have lived
1.  Houston
2.  New Hampshire
3.  Champaign, IL
4.  St. Louis

Four places I have been
1.  Detroit, MI
2.  Walnut Creek, CA
3.  New York, NY
4.  Salzburg, Austria

Four things on my desk (from memory–b/c I’m not at my desk right now)
1.  Beer bottles
2.  Cowboy boot beer stein
3.  Stapler
4.  A little Illinois basketball

Four People who e-mail me
1.  Dad
2.  Mom
3.  Sister
4.  Liz and Lizzle  (cheating to put two, I know. . . but they have the same name so I’m going to count them as one)

Four Hobbies
1.  Blogging
2.  Dancing
3.  Eating pancakes
4.  Watching Illinois sports

Four of my favorite foods
1.  Anything pasta related
2.  Tomatoes
3.  Pancakes
4.  Scallops and basically all seafood

Four Books I have read recently
1.  A Thousand Splendid Suns
2.  Twilight
3.  New Moon
4.  Out Stealing Horses (currently reading)

Four places I’d rather be right now
1.  At the cookoff (If I’d had more sleep and didn’t have to run tomorrow)
2.  Gallivanting in CA with Liz
3.  With my family in IL
4.  Getting a hot stone massage in Lake Tahoe  🙂

Four friends I think will respond
1. I don’t know
2.  If anyone
3.  Will
4.  Respond

Four things I dislike
1.  Mean people
2.  Cavities
3.  Waiting in the GYN office for two hours
4.  Vomiting

Four TV shows that I watch
1.  The Office
2.  Divine Design
3.  30 Rock
4.  Monk

Four reasons why i did this
1.  I do anything that queenlizzle does!
2.  I didn’t want to do an involved blog b/c my computer is acting dumb.
3.  Seemed like fun.
4.  Why am I haven’t to justify this???



  1. Is Out Stealing Horses your book club pick? We read it last year in book club and I’m interested to know what you think of it…

  2. you must really like pancakes if that’s a hobby.

  3. I am sad to see that Fruit Loop breath and car interior touching were not on your dislike list.

  4. Pancakes are big in my family too, not sure if it is a hobby? I personally believe the best pancakes I have ever had were in New York with my brother at a restaurant across the street from the famous Seinfeld restaurant. They also had great coffee and Fresh jucie!

  5. I can’t believe these 4 things wern’t on your dislike list.

    1. Insects (pterdactyls)
    2. Birds
    3. Cats
    4. Rats

    In office today…very annoying.

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