Posted by: illinigirl | February 26, 2009

Movie Review: He’s Just Not That. . .

Into You. . .

If you have any desire to see this movie, you may not want to read. . . because my review is not glowing.  That being said, I went into this knowing that the reviews were bad. . . but still wanted to see it.

I LOVED the book and thought it was hysterically funny and pretty true.

The basic point is that girls hold onto these fairytale dreams and can stay in some crappy situations trying to make their lives fit the dreams.

YES. There are fairytale dream meetings, relationships, marriages. . . I have friends that have them!  I’m not saying that it can’t happen. . . but expecting your loser boyfriend that never wants to spend time with you and doesn’t call you other when he’s drunk/bored to suddenly turn into prince charming is a little unrealistic.

I don’t necessarily agree with all the “rules”. . . but I’m single so what the hell do I know?

My main beef with the movie is that I basically dislike all the female characters with the exceptions of Drew B (who is barely in the movie) and Jennifer A. (who I also dislike in parts of the movie).

The women are gutless, at times biotchy, COMPLETELY desperate, etc.  It’s pathetic.  I get excited when I like a guy and want him to call (occasionally). . . but generally I am not that girl that sits by the phone ceasing to live my life waiting on a guy to be interested. . . so that drives me CRAZY.

I also dislike all the the male characters who are mostly terrible people and sleazebags.

The line in the movie that drives me CRAZY and sadly, I’ve heard friends say in real life is “We either need to break up or get married.”

Ummmm. . . sorry, but I think if you need to make that statement, you need to BREAK UP!  Does that statement not bother anyone else???  If breaking up is an option. . . is marriage really your other option?  Maybe. . . “we need to break up, or work on our relationship”. . . but jump into marriage?  Really?

Silly me.  I think that marriage is a big deal.  🙂

I’m still enjoying life being single. . . I think I’m more open to things, but my number one pet peeve is people *pitying* me for being single.  My fortune cookie when I had dinner with friends on Monday night was “Adventure can be a real happiness.”  This sums up my life perfectly right now.  No, I’m not climbing Mount Everest or anything, but I’m having a BLAST!  Um, don’t pity me!  The thing is. . . I almost feel sorry for people that get married and have kids super young. . . and I know I shouldn’t actually feel sorry for them because most people *want* that dream. . . but not everyone’s dreams are the same!  I think people back home still don’t get that judging by the fact that I’m still looked at like a space alien at times for being single.  🙂  Oh well.  I think I want that someday and am more open to it, but I’m certainly not going to live my life for this goal. . . I’m going to have a blast doing what I’m doing and let whatever happens happen!



  1. i’ve heard the same things about the movie not being that great…but i’m glad you liked the book. i’ll have to add that to my (ever growing) list.

  2. Great post! Sometimes I think we have blog ESP or something…

    I’ve started countless posts on the joys/pitfalls of being single and how, really, it’s okay. I simply couldn’t imagine being married with kids right now, but almost everyone around me is. I’m barely grown up enough to take care of a dog, for crying out loud 🙂

  3. I think I am the only one in America that loved the shit out of that movie! Just make sure that you are married by the time I have my third child – I might be hurting for godfather by then.

  4. Han – I think I have the perfect solution for you! Marry a guy in prison. Now hear me out – you can still go about your free spirit lifestyle, he won’t smother you (well, unless that’s why he’s there to begin with) and you know he will never cheat on you with another woman. The down side is he can’t kill the bugs for you (unless you bring them on visitation day but that kind of defeats the purpose). Also his earning potential will suck and he will have bad teeth. Other than that you are good to go!

    PS If he’s in prison here in Texas, he can probably 2-step pretty good but he might not be used to leading.

  5. Wow…this movie put you in a good mood.
    Pity is probably the last word I would think of in describing you except for possibly the following:

    Hannah, her eating habits are pitiful!

    How about that, I got in a nag. 🙂

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