Posted by: illinigirl | February 18, 2009

Ups and Downs. . .

I’ll start with the downs of the day. . .

  • Once again, I did not sleep last night due to coughing.Sucky work meetings with angry people.  Part of my job, but not my favorite way to start AND end a day.
  • The Illini loss.
  • I sat in MY OWN GUM tonight when I was out to eat.  I don’t understand how I accomplished this, but it’s very reminiscent of this entry. . .

Now for UPS. . .

  • Today is Stuart’s birthday, and we went out to eat for his birthday (well, I ate prior to, as I didn’t want to be gone long so I could medicate and go to bed.
  • Jen and Edward Stuart gave me the sweetest card I have ever received in my life for valentine’s day.  I am not sure I deserve such good friends!  (Jen also gave my chocolate. . . and the very best kinds of friends are the ones who give me chocolate.)  😉
  • I got to talk to some of my favorite colleagues from around the country today. . . about work and non-work issues.  Fun times.  So lucky to work with so many awesome people.
  • My parents come home tomorrow from Mexico!  I’ve been in withdrawal with not talking to them for a week!

Okay, I could probably think of more ups. . . but I’m actually EXTREMELY tired and want to take advantage of this feeling!  G’night!


  1. are you ever going to get better? poor thing.

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