Posted by: illinigirl | February 17, 2009

Interview with myself. . . Shopping edition

My blogs have been blah lately as I have been in a constant stage of sick. . . time to spice things up with an interview with myself!

You went to Whole Foods tonight?  It’s kind of obnoxious to get there with construction by the one near you, it was  raining, etc. . . why the heck did you bother?

Well, when I was sitting at stoplights in the area for 10 years, I WISHED I hadn’t bothered. . . BUT my grocery store stopped carrying Lara Bars last week.  TRAGEDY.  I really, really wanted some for breakfast and for my trip this weekend.  I bought 13.  Disappointing, kinda.  I should have bought more.

Do you like Whole Foods?

Absolutely!  I would buy all my food there if the stuff there didn’t cost approximately 1 million dollars.

What’s so great about it?

The fruit and vegetables are just. . . beautiful!  I bought a small bowl of berries for ~$7.  This is ridiculous, I know. . . but they were gorgeous, and I’m a sucker for berries (and I ate them with whipped cream for dessert tonight and they were SO DELICIOUS and so worth it!)  There are just tons of things that look really good and are good for you.  What’s not to love?  (Okay, the price!)  I had to back away from a few items and put some things down.  Dude, I think I would love this juice, but it’s $6.79 for a thing of juice.  What if I HATE the juice. . . and it’s $6.79 down the drain. . . or maybe worse yet, what if I LOVE the juice?  Will I need this all the time and have to increase my non-existent juice budget?)  I got berries, honeycrisp apples (extinct from other stores this time of year), and Lara bars. . . and got the HELL out before I bought anything else!

You also went to the Gap tonight AGAIN. . . and you just went on Sunday.  You don’t even really like the Gap usually.  Why would you do that?

DANGIT.  I’ve fallen into the GAP TRAP.  Here’s the thing, there is a Gap practically across the street from me.  I don’t go there often though because I really am not a huge fan.  Their pants don’t fit me properly, and a lot of their clothes look grungy.  Not my style.  I went on Sunday for the heck of it though, and they had some cute camis and sweaters. . . and with my receipt, there was a slip for a survey, and if you take it, you get 20% off.  Well, there was a cute brown jacket I liked, but I didn’t want to spend that much money for it, so I filled out the survey. . . and went back tonight to get the jacket for 20% off. . . and got ANOTHER survey slip.  I can use the 20% off at Gap Body, too. . . so I’m doing the survey to get 20% of some stretchy yoga pants I was eyeing over there.  Then, the cycle must END.

How do you measure and assign value to money?

Funny you should ask. . . I measure everything in “shirts” and “flights”. . . I count a shirt as ~$30. . . even though they often cost more and sometimes less.  I count a flight as $300 because that’s generally what a flight home costs.  This is how I justify purchases or discourage myself from purchasing things.  For example, when debating over the massages, which are $50 a month, I thought, “eh, only ~a shirt or two a month.” .  . . but then when I thought of massages for the the whole year, I thought, “WHOA, that’s TWO FLIGHTS!”. . . crazy, I know.

And this is how I helped the economy tonight. . . now, time for me to take my potion of medications to continue to fight the cough battle!



  1. hannah, please keep interviewing yourself. i love these.

    are you feeling better yet?

  2. i LOVE whole foods becuase it makes it super easy for me to find stuff i eat (i.e. no dead bodies in it!). the 365 brand is actually pretty reasonably priced. the produce is insanely priced (once i bought two grapefruits and when i checked my receipt they were like $14, so i returned them immediately). but i LOVE IT!! 🙂

  3. FYI, I am still finding Honeycrisp apples at County Market in Danville…yes, Danville IL.

    They are the best apple out there though…so sweet and delicious!

  4. i love interview days.
    i love the homemade bread at whole foods. yum, yum, yum.
    we have a gap outlet not too far from us and it’s been a life saver for all those basic items.

  5. I love your interview….it’s outstanding! And the fact that you measure things in shirts or flights is HILARIOUS!

    Thank you for the afternoon entertainment.

    Take care!


  6. Whole Foods also carries Kettle Chips! The Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper are amazing!!

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