Posted by: illinigirl | February 12, 2009

Holy Cow

Well, I had this blog entry I was working on that required me to scan a bunch of old pictures. . . but my flipping printer will not work.  I might try to get it to work this weekend.  CRUD.

Okay, but I was derailed by the Illinois game anyways.  I didn’t really want to watch it, because I need to sleep tonight, and those games have the opposite effect of CALM on me.

HOLY COW, it was an amazing game.  I had all but given up. . . and we came back and won.  I screamed (sorry neighbors) and enjoyed watching all my friends’ statuses change on facebook!

Now I am drinking sleepytime tea trying to calm down.

Last night was a rough night of very little sleep. . . leading to a rough first day back at work.  I probably had no business being there seeing how little sleep I got, but I made it through.  One more day, and I can rest over the weekend!

I had to cancel some really fun plans this week and missed out on seeing a friend that was in town. . . that was quite a bummer.

BUT. . . I am SO THRILLED this flu bug hit me *this week* though.  Next week, I’m traveling, visiting with friends for a bit, and seeing my family.  I would never have been able to see Grandpa in this condition.

Blessing in disguise.

Please Lord, let me sleep tonight and not have any congestion issues. . . please?  Pretty please?

Guten nacht.


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