Posted by: illinigirl | February 8, 2009

Weekend Mixed Bag

So here are some random weekend happenings. . .

  • Went dancing on Friday night. . . bumped the “where to find men score” up to a “5” from the “2” I had downgraded it to in previous visits.  While I didn’t talk to any of these men, it was nice to look at the scenery.  🙂
  • While I was out, I was taking a lap around the place, and this guy seemed to be staring/smiling at me. . . but it was dark and I wasn’t paying much attention so whatever. . . but then the guy walked by me on his way out (unfortunately) and had a smile on his face and said, “Hello.”. . . my friends were like. . . “Who is that guy?”. . . I had no clue!!!  I wanted so badly to ask him, but he left. . . but I remembered today when I was getting ready for church.  I think I met him at a party once.  I only talked to him for a few minutes, but he was fun (and attractive)!  Why didn’t I figure that out earlier???  I’m kinda glad he didn’t stop to talk to me though because I honestly had NO CLUE who he was.
  • Saturday morning, I brought in the exterminators to take preventative measures. . . only they forgot rodent stuff.  Helpful.  I love this local company though and love the guy they sent out to me.  I had them spray for bugs (as is pretty much a requirement in preventative measures in Houston).  They are coming back tomorrow.
  • Saturday night, I did nothing but read and talk on the phone with Liz.  It was glorious.
  • Totally screwed up the church thing this morning.  I’ll do another entry on that.
  • Went to the Illinois game watch. . . where is was five girls and one guy.  Yay, girl power!  Yay, Illini, too!  🙂
  • I went to buy books, and had a horrible time finding what I needed.  Finally, I found a store that had my book club book and the 3rd book of Twilight.  I’m reading the Twilight book first.  I am telling myself that I need to do this so the book club book is more “fresh in my mind” for the meeting on the 1st.  HA!  I love how I justify my decisions!
  • Made lasagna tonight.  So wonderful. .  . and now I have a bunch of that frozen to mix up more lunches and have stuff other than soup!  It’s time consuming, but so fun to make. . . Here’s the recipe, BUT here are some things that I do to make it extra good.  (I don’t add meat.  I think meat makes it greasy, and I’m not a fan of sausage/ground beef anyways!. . . I make 1 1/2 times or double the amount of sauce.  Why?  I like lots of sauce on top.  Plus, when you are reheating it, it can be kind of dry so I like to spoon some sauce over the top.  PLUS, this makes GREAT pasta sauce, so if you double it, you can have some extra pasta sauce to freeze!. . . I like fresh basil in my sauce so I do that instead of dried. . . I add cream cheese to the ricotta.  So creamy!. . . I add spinach leaves torn up in the ricotta mixture, too.)
  • If you missed “60 Minutes” tonight, you’ve gotta check out this interview.  If you weren’t sure about this guy before, he’s amazing.  So cool-headed, so professional. . . he could be my pilot any day.  Go to to watch all the videos from “60 Minutes”. . . (tried to embed them, but CBS videos and/or vodpod are not cooperating with me as of late!)

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