Posted by: illinigirl | February 2, 2009

The husband search needs to be stepped up approx. 10 notches

I got the most dreaded email today that a person can get. . .

There have been RAT sightings in my neighborhood. . . and not just outside. . . now, a few have been spotted INSIDE people’s houses.  My neighbor said that exterminators were setting traps but that we all had to take precautions.

My first reaction was to yell, “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW” and have a panic attack.

My second reation was to hightail it to the hardware store to pick up supplies.  While I have not seen anything, I am NOT going to mess around with this.

Procuring supplies is NOT as as easy as it seems. . . as there are positives and negatives to all supplies.

1.  Poison. I got two different types of poison to put in my patio/garage (no worries, no doggies have access to my area).  I have not yet put poison inside because a co-worker brought up that this is a bad thing is that if a rodent eats the stuff and gets into your wall, it smells.  Another co-worker pointed out that while it may smell, it’s DEAD and the smell would eventually go away.  Yes, good point.  Poison is going inside tomorrow.

2.  Sound emitting thinger.  I will admit that I am skeptical about these things; however, I need whatever help I can get, and I’m not above making bad decisions if they could “possibly” deter a rodent.  The negative. . . I got this huge honkin industrial size sound emitting thing.  It’s loud, and it KILLS my brain cells.  It’s supposed to mess with the rodents’ and insects’ nervous systems. . . well, it definitely freakin messes with mine.  It has three insect/rodent settings and three volume settings.  Okay, this thing is LOUD!  If only animals are supposed to hear this thing. . . then, I’m a little worried about me.  I’m taking this thing to work tomorrow because I think my co-workers think I’m crazy.  I would post a video, but, I am too tired tonight, and I don’t wanna hear that thing again!  Maybe tomorrow night.

3.  Traps.  Okay, so another co-worker told me that if you get the glue traps, you will be able to hear the rodents scream as they struggle, AND they will likely get loose. . . leaving only disgusting hair.  He said to buy real traps. . . but here’s the thing. . . I was too scared to set any of the real traps up in fear that I would screw them up and a) break a finger or b) shock myself.  (Let’s not even talk about the fact that I would have to DISPOSE of this somehow!)  And, my blog reader Pat brought up an excellent point. . . my house is pretty clean, and I don’t have a lot of food around.  He doesn’t think my house would be a big target. . . but by putting peanut butter out on a trap, I would be *encouraging* guests.  Good point.

Ugh.  Say prayers for me and that I can sleep at some point. . . right now, I’m thinking I see rats everywhere.  😦

Also, say prayers that I procure a husband that can at least give me the false sense of security that they will take care of rodents and insects. . .




  1. First of all, hilarious title.

    Secondly…girl, I’m prayin’ for you. That’s nasty. We’ve had mice before that creeped me out.

    For mice, FYI the glue traps work quite nicely.

    I really hope none are spotted on the premises.

  2. the perfect solution is to get a cat! but you do not like animals, and thus is not a perfect solution.

    maybe a gun?

  3. i still remember those glue traps. we had them in dekalb, il when we our backyard literally hit a cornfield. they definitely caught the mice but it was just nasty seeing them dead on their (or worse, not dead).

  4. I read “Tale of Desperaux” to the boys last night and there was a rat in the book – the boys asked me what a rat was and I said “A bigger, scarier mouse”. ha! ha!

    I’m sending NO RODENT prayers your way!

    P.S. I had one of those noise thingers to deter rodents and it drove me crazy – it worried me as well about my well being! ha! ha!

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