Posted by: illinigirl | January 28, 2009

I hope I’m not what I eat. . . because that means I’m a Hershey’s Kiss

I guess there are worse things to be though. . .

Just in case you missed it, there was a great segment on 60 Minutes on Sunday.  Well, wait. . . there were three great segments, but two of the three would basically make you want to jump out of a window.

I will focus on the one that will NOT make you jump out of a window.

It’s a feature on research they are doing for a drug that can help people live longer, prevent diseases, etc., etc. . .

They also talked about the benefits of caloric restrictions and the studies they do on animals where they restrict their diets by 30% of the calories and compare them to control animals.  Wow, there definitely seem to be some benefits to that.   There are people that try and live this way, too. . . but on the segment, the stuff they ate made me want to vomit.

Watch this segment if you’re interested (sorry, the embedded video was broken):

Here’s what I’d like to study about myself. . . I have no idea where I stand as far as calorie intake. . . and what my calorie intake should be.

The thing is. . . I don’t eat much, and I eat my most fattening foods at work in the cafeteria and just snacking.  At home, I eat salads.  Also, I eat pounds of chocolate, and I’m curious as to how that counteracts things.

To find out how many calories I needed, I followed this link (I’m a HUGE Self magazine fan and I knew they would have something like this!):

I was told I needed 1500 calories a day. . .

But how much do I normally take in?  I found these calorie counts online or on my packages of food.  (Mom will not be impressed with this portion of the entry.)

This is an average day for me. . . not much food, but HIGH in calories and void in nutrition.

Lara Bar (Cherry Pie)

190 cal

2 energy drinks

240 cal

Cool Ranch Doritos

250 cal

Sandwich (Ham and Cheese with no condiments)

300 cal

Salad (with ~4 tbs of dressing–Yes, I’m serious)

300 cal

Almond Hersheys Kisses

420 cal


1700 cal

Um, so yeah. . . you read that right. . . TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT OF MY CALORIES COME FROM CHOCOLATE!  Holy CRAP!  Of course, some nights, I eat more. . . some nights, much less.  On Friday nights, I might have four or none because I’m usually not home.  . . on a Sunday, I might have 24 because I’m home more.  On some days, I might have a taco salad with a pound of sour cream on it from the cafe at work. . . Some days, I snack on almonds instead of chips.  On some days, I might eat vegetable soup or I might have carrots and a sandwich for dinner.  This is just a *typical* day.  . . so OBVIOUSLY I have some things I need to change here, but I found this very enlightening.  I am strange and don’t eat very much, and the calories add up soooo fast.  I think about how much normal people eat (granted they may be healthier), and I can see why weight loss is such an issue for people.

Also, I can see that convenience is my biggest problem.  If I do not have healthy snacks readily available to me, I default to JUNK in the cafeteria like chips.

If you get Self magazine, they have a diet club. . . (I think it’s during the Self Challenge. . . I can’t find it there.).  I’ve never logged my food and exercise in it, but maybe I should next time.  I can see why people are successful at losing weight that way because I feel like crap after doing my typical list.

Wow. . . I am not necessarily trying to loss weight, but I could certainly be healthier. . . This was quite educational for me.



  1. I don’t see Mountain Dew on this list and you know that it has tons of calories!

  2. Energy drinks, sista. . . 120 cal/drink!

  3. I also didn’t see the container of lard you eat as a snack each day on the list.

  4. I saw the same thing on 60 minutes!! It sounded like a good idea until you got a load of the freaks eating baby food and weighing walnuts. I tried to tell Sarah about it but we quickly realized that those fools were called A-N-O-R-E-X-I-C.

  5. Good Lord!
    This, my young friend is not healthy. No fruit (the cherry pie bar does not count) and virtually devoid of protein, vegetables and dairy. Might even explain why you don’t sleep well…you body is screaming at you for sustenance.

    This seems to call for serious nagging!

  6. […] Seriously.  It’s not healthy. […]

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