Posted by: illinigirl | January 25, 2009

Weekend Tidbits

It was a very “Illini” weekend. . .

Friday night, I went to dinner at a place called “Beavers” for my Illini friend Derek’s birthday. . . and other Illini friends in his class in grad school joined us. . . It was a really cool, hip, funky, retro-esque gourmet bbq joint.  I tried to take pictures. . . but they didn’t turn out well, as it was pretty dark.  I had brisket and fried brownie balls.  Both were delicious.  Fast forward to that night. . . I went to bed and woke up numerous time wanting to vomit.  Thank goodness I never did, but it sucked.  I allowed myself to sleep in and lay around all morning to make up for suckiness.   I am pretending that dinner did not make me feel vomitty b/c I want to go back there.

Saturday, we had our basketball game. . . so more Illni peeps were present, of course!  It was a fun time, and we suckered a new Illini into coming!

Saturday night, I drove south to Anne and Shawn’s house (also, Illini people) so Anne and I could see a really fun 80s cover band.  FUN TIMES!  I don’t think that I can name my favorite song because there were too many.  I bascially was not a normal 80s kid.  Seeing as I was so quite young, and  I didn’t play outside much. . . and when I was inside, I was glued to MTV and VH1. . . yes kids, back when they played MUSIC.  But nope, can’t name a favorite song because anyone that knows me knows I have at least 800 FAVORITE songs.

I guess today was not very Illiniesque. . . I

went to church

went to work

went for a massage

went for a run.
Now, I am so tired that it hurts to live. . . and this week is SO FLIPPING BUSY THAT I CAN’T STAND IT!

Hmmm. . . how’s the 2009 resolution going of readjusting priorities and picking up other activities?. . . . Um, NOT WELL.  I can’t help that I have so many flipping fun friends though.  How in the world would I cut out doing things with them???

I will rest next Saturday morning.  I think that is my next opportunity.  😦



  1. I hope you got the massage AFTER the run, and not before…

    I highly recommend scheduling some down time, if possible. I actually turned down a fun opportunity today and I think it’s the best decision I made all day!

  2. No. . . unfortunately, I ran after my massage. I got a text from my friend asking me if I was doing the Rodeo run. . . I said I would. . . but that I didn’t know if I could run the whole thing. We both were texting back and forth about how we need to start preparing. . . so I decided to bite the bullet and run. Dangit Staci! 🙂

    I have been pretty good about downtime. . . until this weekend. . . and this week. . . and next weekend.

    I am going to try and skip out of a few things for my sanity though!

  3. Thanks for coming out Hannah! Have a good week!

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