Posted by: illinigirl | January 21, 2009

5k. . . no, for real this time.

Okay, I signed up for the 5k in the Illinois Marathon.  My sister (the scientist) is doing it. . . and maybe CariAngela is doing the marathon!

I just realized yesterday that this race is going on while I’m home for Easter. . . so why not???  Should be fun!

That being said. . . today I was encouraged by several people to do the rodeo run here. . . . That’s the last weekend in February though. . .which poses two issues.

1)  I have not done a STITCH of running since October.
2)  I usually celebrate quite heavily that weekend. . . as it’s the rodeo cook-off. . . and that is just too flipping fun.

We’ll see.  I’ve been told this run is so much fun though. . . and that people dress up like cowboys, cows, etc. . . how fun is that?  I think it would be an excellent blogging opportunity, if nothing else.

Looks like I need to start running again!



  1. do it. they’re usually in the morning so you can run and then over indulge in beverages afterwards.
    i need to find a 5k to run. oh, and start running again.

  2. Yep, I’m running the 5K. I’m glad you decided to do it. There are going to be sooooo many people running it. It’s gonna be awesome!

    But, who are we going to get to make signs for us???

  3. The Rodeo Run might be the prefect time to practice cheer for the marathoners. That way you could see the great costumes and enjoy some adult beverages at the same time!

    Got to love the Houston Rodeo.

    Good luck in training for the other 1/2 marathon.

  4. Well, I am SUPER excited that we will all be participating in the run! Several of my guy friends are doing the half-marathon – so I have SO many people to cheer for (well, quietly, in my head as I’m dying a 26.2 mile death! ha!).

    We will drum up TONS of people to cheer us on and they’ll have to make signs, etc.


  5. Tracy is in the 5k and Leslie thinks that she is going to run the half marathon. It is going to be a running party!!

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