Posted by: illinigirl | January 20, 2009

A follow-up to fashion advice

Thank you all for your input.  Despite the number of comments suggesting black. . . a strong majority voted for the “fun shoes” pictured.

All of my co-workers who saw the shoes “in real life” thought that the fun shoes would go well.

Now, I must do a test to avoid queenlizzle’s “slingback incident of 2005”. . . some day this week, I will wear these for a day and see how it goes.

Remember when I said last month that I’m not a shoe person?  Well, I’m not. . . however. . . I have run across some really good deals and found some shoes I really, really love. . . so I have swiped them up.  I must do a PSA for them.

These shoes are expensive, but they are like walking on a soft cloud of love and are worth EVERY FLIPPING PENNY.  That being said, I got some black flat mary janes at DSW *on sale*. . . so that’s a plus.  If the slingbacks are not comfortable, I will be procuring a pair of these from DSW.  (Unfortunately, they do not have all of these fun styles at DSW.  Hmmmm.)

I got these as well and think they are cute and REALLY comfortable.  These will be great for work. . . and fun stuff.  I liked lots of Madden Girl stuff.

Okay, now must stay away from DSW for a while or I will become one of those crazy shoe girls.



  1. John Madden has a shoe line? He’ll put his name on anything.

  2. question regarding the soffts . i have been dying to buy some. i think i will end up ordering them.

    are they true to one’s normal size or running bigger or smaller?

    im usually a 6 but sometimes, like nikes, a 6 1/2 and sometimes, like bcbg girls, a 5 1/2.

    please advise.

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