Posted by: illinigirl | January 15, 2009

Dear boy at the grocery store,

Here’s a tip. . .

If you think you’d like to talk to a girl in a store, please don’t lurk around her in the feminine product area and invade her personal space there.  While she’s not embarrassed to be buying stuff. . . (duh, she’s a girl and therefore blessed with this “cycle” business). . . she still doesn’t want you watching her peruse the aisle and look over her shoulder thankyouverymuch.

Also, it’s also pretty obvious when you follow her to the checkout lane when she is practically running from you.

Also, pretty strange when you decide to lurk at HER u-scan machine, when there are others open (and she has suggested that you may want to go to another aisle). . .

And it’s kind of awkward when you are so close in her personal space when she is scanning that your friend decides to help her out and tell her she forgot to press a button and does it for her.



P.S.–SERIOUSLY. . . GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME, WEIRD COLLEGE BOYS!  I’m an old woman, CLEARLY fixin’ to start my period which YOU KNOW, and I am not in the mood to be bothered!  (I think “the look” I gave them when they touched my u-scan screen clearly conveyed this emotion.  🙂 )

P.P.S.–This may be TMI, but that’s too bad.  I need to educate the masses of socially inept men.



  1. You waited too long to give the nasty look. I would have started the dirty looks in the tampon aisle and starred them down until they left – but I am also way bitchier than you are!

  2. Boys are dumb, especially college boys. They would’ve run screaming had you uttered the words “tampon” or “period” out loud.

    Stupid weird boys.

  3. oh my gosh, this was hilarious! what a weirdo.

    and, while you might be too old for a college boy, you’re *not* an old woman. because i’m older than you and i’m not old yet.

  4. can you say awkward????

  5. You should have thrown a tampon at them….that would have freaked them out!

    I love your grocery store stories…..thanks for sharing!

  6. WHY was Creepy McCreeperson hovering while you were buying feminine goods?? Thats my question!!!! Is it really not that obvious that you are handling your female business and and audience is not preferred?? What if he was buying jock itch cream?? Would he want someone lingering around?? You handled that well, I would have flat out asked why the hell he was staring at me!! I really do have good people skills, I swear!!

  7. Hi, I’m a friend of Nicole. Since she linked to this blog from hers I just had to read it. This was ….. HILARIOUS! And …. CREEPY all at the same time.

  8. […] Grandpa would like the house stuff. . . but something tells me he won’t care about the guys who stared at me in the feminine products area at the store or the best places to locate attractive […]

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