Posted by: illinigirl | January 14, 2009

Not a success. . . cont.

I pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store tonight.


I pulled out of the parking lot of the store and elected to not even walk in.

I ate asparagus tonight.

I am still hungry.

I don’t want a salad.

I just continue to eat chocolate.

Not very filling, but delicious.



  1. Do you have a fridge at work? I sometimes shop on my lunch (when I take one!) and then put only the cold stuff in the fridge. Or you could be like your Aunt Pat and keep a cooler in your car 🙂

  2. Get up early and go before work – no one is at the store at 6:00 AM!!

  3. Tell me you at least took a multivitamin to make up for the lack of nutrition.

  4. Lisa–I will have to inquire about Aunt Pat’s cooler in the car thing. . . I was not aware of that!

    Lance–Good plan. . . I may have to resort to this. . . the downside of ZERO people being in the store, is that the store is will certainly not be the normal “hotbed of hotties”. . . it’s a delicate balance.

    Mom–Sadly, no. . . no vitamin. . . but hello? Asparagus is healthy! Also, I ate almond hershey kisses. . . protein in the nuts! I also ended up eating a slice of 15 grain bread later because I remembered I had that. There you go. . . the picture of health!

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