Posted by: illinigirl | January 12, 2009

Hmmm. . . okay. . .

Not sure why “dragon poop” has become all the rage again. . . but two people have searched for this term tonight alone. . . which led them to the famous picture in this entry (which K-JO had as his computer wallpaper for work for a bit. . . so glad I can inspire everyone!):

Speaking of that entry. . . it features my friends Ben, Beth, and their daughter. . . (and now they have a new daughter. . . who was born during the hurricane –luckily they evacuated to Dallas prior to the madness.  That wasn’t an adventure or anything!!!)  😉

They are all packing it up and moving to St. Louis, and I went to their going away party on Saturday night.  While I sadly only ventured up to the suburbs to see them 2 or 3 times a year. . . I will still miss them!  😦  I am going to add them to my blogroll. . . Ben hasn’t had a chance to update in a while, but having them on my blogroll will remind me to check back!

One more thing. . . how in the hell is one of my blog referrers from tonight Nancy Grac e’s baby blog????????  I don’t understand how that happens.  I looked at the site, and I can see no opportunity for referring someone to this blog.




  1. i love that you’re adding all these new people to your blogroll.

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